Nostra Signora del Santissimo Sacramento e Santi Martiri Canadesi

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Nostra Signora del Santissimo Sacramento e dei Santi Martiri Canadesi (Latin: Dominae Nostrae a Sanctissimo Sacramento et Sanctorum Martyrum Canadensium, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and the Canadian Martyrs) is the Roman Catholic national church of Canada, located at 46, Via Giovanni Battista de Rossi, Rome. It is also a titular church since February 1965, when Maurice Roy became its first Cardinal-Priest. It was built in 1955 by Bruno Apollini Ghetti, and made a parish church, served by the Congregation of Priests of the Most Holy Sacrament, by Pope Pius XII.

It contains a high altar designed by Francesco Nagni, ceramic decorations (including a fine crucifix) by Angelo Biancini, stained glass windows, mosaics and engraved glass confession door by Giovanni (Janos) Hajnal, and stained glass by Marcello Avenali.

Cardinal priests[edit]

  1. Maurice Roy (1965–1985)
  2. Paul Grégoire (1988–1993)
  3. Jean-Claude Turcotte (1994–2015)

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Coordinates: 41°55′03″N 12°31′08″E / 41.917613°N 12.518967°E / 41.917613; 12.518967