Nostrand Avenue (IRT Eastern Parkway Line)

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Nostrand Avenue
NYCS-bull-trans-2.svg NYCS-bull-trans-3.svg NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg
New York City Subway rapid transit station
Nostrand Avenue-Eastern Parkway.jpg
Station statistics
Address Nostrand Avenue & Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Borough Brooklyn
Locale Crown Heights
Coordinates 40°40′11″N 73°57′02″W / 40.6698°N 73.95052°W / 40.6698; -73.95052Coordinates: 40°40′11″N 73°57′02″W / 40.6698°N 73.95052°W / 40.6698; -73.95052
Division A (IRT)
Line IRT Eastern Parkway Line
Services       2 special rush hour trips (special rush hour trips)
      3 all except late nights (all except late nights)
      4 late nights (late nights)
Transit connections Bus transport NYCT Bus: B44
Structure Underground
Levels 2
Platforms 2 side platforms (1 on each level)
Tracks 4 (2 on each level)
Other information
Opened August 23, 1920; 96 years ago (August 23, 1920)
Wireless service Wi-Fi and cellular service is provided at this station[1]
Passengers (2015) 1,386,067[2]Increase 2%
Rank 320 out of 425
Station succession
Next north Franklin Avenue: 2 special rush hour trips 3 all except late nights 4 late nights
Next south Kingston Avenue: 2 special rush hour trips 3 all except late nights 4 late nights

Nostrand Avenue is a local station on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line of the New York City Subway. Located at the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, it is served by the 3 train at all times except late nights, when the 4 train takes over service. There is also occasional 2 train service here during rush hours.


On August 23, 1920, the Eastern Parkway Line was extended from Atlantic Avenue to Utica Avenue, with the Kingston Avenue station opening at this time. The new trains would be served by trains from Seventh Avenue.[3]

During the 1964–1965 fiscal year, the platforms at Nostrand Avenue, along with those at four other stations on the Eastern Parkway Line, were lengthened to 525 feet to accommodate a ten-car train of 51-foot IRT cars.[4]

Station layout[edit]

Track layout
Upper level
to Kingston Av
Lower level
to Franklin Av
G Street Level Exit / Entrance
B1 Southbound express NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg does not stop here →
Southbound local NYCS-bull-trans-3.svg (NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg late nights) toward New Lots Avenue (Kingston Avenue)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Mezzanine Fare control, station agent, MetroCard vending machines
B2 Northbound express NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg does not stop here
Northbound local NYCS-bull-trans-3.svg toward Harlem–148th Street (NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg toward Woodlawn late nights) (Franklin Avenue)
Side platform, doors will open on the left

This underground station has two levels. The upper level serves New Lots Avenue-bound trains while the lower level serves Manhattan-bound trains. From north to south, each level has an express track, a local track, and one side platform.

Both platforms have their original Dual Contracts-era IRT trim line and name tablets. The trim line has a tan-yellow center, brown border, and a spec of blue in-between. "N" tablets on a blue background and brown border run along the trim line at regular intervals. The name tablets read "NOSTRAND AVE." in Times New Roman font in gold lettering on a blue and brown background, a gold center, and brown border.

The platforms were extended at either ends in 1964–1965 to accommodate the current standard IRT train length of 510 feet.[4] Here, they have signs reading "NOSTRAND AVE" in white sans serif lettering on a brown border. The center of the platforms has green I-beam columns at regular intervals with alternating ones having the standard black station name plate in white lettering.

West of this station (railroad north), the perpendicular IRT Nostrand Avenue Line merges with the IRT Eastern Parkway Line at the Rogers Avenue Junction. President Street on that line is two blocks to the south.[5]


The upper level has one fare control at the center with two staircases going down to the lower level. It has a turnstile bank, token booth, and two staircases going up to the south side mall of Eastern Parkway (between the main and service roads) and Nostrand Avenue.[5]

Exit location[5] Exit type Number of exits Platform served
Eastern Parkway, south side mall
SW corner of Eastern Parkway and Nostrand Avenue
Staircase 1 Both
Eastern Parkway, south side mall
SE corner of Eastern Parkway and Nostrand Avenue
Staircase 1 Both


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