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Nosturi in Helsinki.jpg
Nosturi and a "nosturi", as seen from a nearby street in winter.
Address Telakkakatu 8
Location Helsinki, Finland
Coordinates 60°09′35″N 24°55′51″E / 60.15972°N 24.93083°E / 60.15972; 24.93083
Owner Elmu
Capacity 900

Nosturi (Finnish for "crane") is a culture and music hall and a nightclub in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, Finland. It is owned by the Association of Live Music (Elävän musiikin yhdistys, ELMU).

The hall is located at the seaside in Hietalahti next to the Helsinki New Shipyard in an old cargo terminal building. It gets its name from the old crane (Hietalahti crane number 6) located right next to it. Many popular live music festivals are held at Nosturi throughout the year. The ELMU has its premises in Nosturi since 1999. Before that it operated in the legendary Lepakko nearby.

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