Nosy Hara

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Nosy Hara
Brookesia micra habitat.jpg
Nosy Hara is located in Madagascar
Nosy Hara
Nosy Hara
Coordinates12°14′28″S 49°00′47″E / 12.241°S 49.013°E / -12.241; 49.013Coordinates: 12°14′28″S 49°00′47″E / 12.241°S 49.013°E / -12.241; 49.013
Area2.7 km2 (1.0 sq mi)
Highest elevation104 m (341 ft)

Nosy Hara is an uninhabited limestone islet off the northwest coast of Madagascar.[1] It is the habitat of Brookesia micra, the smallest known chameleon.[2][3] Since 2007, Nosy Hara has been part of a Marine Protected Area.[4][5]


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