Not Penis Cream

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Not Penis Cream
EP by
ReleasedMay 16, 2003
GenreSka punk
Length26 minutes
LabelClassic Filth
I Voted for Kodos chronology
Close Enough For Ska
Not Penis Cream
My New Obsession

Not Penis Cream is the first EP release by the band I Voted for Kodos. It was released after their first album Close Enough For Ska, and features the same style of ska punk.

The name "Not Penis Cream" (and also a song on the EP) was inspired by a Saturday Night Live skit from 1994. The skit featured Steve Martin selling his own brand of beauty product called "Penis Beauty Cream." The cover of the EP has a brown paper package with the words "Not Penis Cream" labeled across the front in block red letters, just as described by Steve Martin in the SNL skit.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "On The Phone"
  2. "Pastaroni"
  3. "Where Are We Going To"
  4. "Not Penis Cream"
  5. "All I Have Left"
  6. "I Tied My Own Shoes Today"


  • Rick Bisenius - lead vocals, trombone, moog
  • Chris Holoyda - guitar
  • Lee Gordon – mellophone, backing vocals, guitar
  • Nick Rydell - alto sax
  • Andrew Anderson - piano, organ, trumpet
  • Ross Gilliland - bass, backing vocals
  • Paul Reinke - drums
  • Andrew "Dafe" Fenton - guitar
  • Tom Kaboski - tenor sax on tracks 1 & 2
  • Dave Bartov - trumpet on tracks 1 & 2, lyrics on track 2