Not Without My Handbag

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Not Without My Handbag
Directed by Boris Kossmehl
Produced by Peter Lord (executive producer)
Christopher Moll (producer)
David Sproxton (executive producer)
Written by Boris Kossmehl
Andrea Friedrich
Music by Julian Nott
Cinematography Andy MacCormack
Fred Reed
Edited by Helen Garrard
David McCormick
Aardman Animations
Channel Four Films
Distributed by Channel 4 Television Corporation (1993) (UK) (TV)
Manuel Salvador (all media)
Release date
10 April 1993 (France)
14 November 1993 (UK)
25 June 1994 (Q-Movies Festival, Finland)
7 June 2003 (Worldwide Short Film Festival, Canada)[1]
Running time
13 min
Country UK
Language English

Not Without My Handbag is a 1993 short film created by animator Boris Kossmehl at Aardman Animations.



A little girl witnesses her aunt being taken dragged into hell, for defaulting on a washing machine payment. The aunt, while officially dead, feels that she has forgotten something, and returns to find out what it is.


Critical reception[edit]

Not Without My Handbag received a rating of 6.9/10 from 288 users.[2] German review site AllesFilm said Not Without My Handbag was "one of the best Aardman short films", and complemented its humour, visuals, deranged tone, and "genius fun".[3]

Awards and nominations[edit]

This is a list of awards and nominations of Not Without My Handbag.

Year Nominee/work Award Result
1994 Boris Kossmehl Tampere International Short Film Festival award for Best Animation (International Competition) Won