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Not eXactly C, or NXC, is a high-level programming language for the Lego Mindstorms NXT. NXC, which is short for Not eXactly C, is based on Next Byte Codes, an assembly language. NXC has a syntax like C. The IDE for NXC is the Bricx Command Center.

The NXC compiler is available under the Mozilla Public License.[1] A sample code is as shown below:

 task main() //sets a new task. main() is compulsory
      OnFwd(OUT_BC,75); //ask the motors connected to ports B and C to move forward at a power of 75.
      Wait(5000); //wait for 5 seconds [the value is in milliseconds](note that 1000 = 1 second)
      Off(OUT_BC); //off the motors connected to ports B and C

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