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This is a list of works addressing the subject or the themes of intelligent design.


Supportive non-fiction[edit]

Supportive non-fiction books[edit]

Supportive non-fiction anthologies[edit]

Supportive non-fiction papers and articles[edit]

Supportive non-fiction films[edit]

Neutral non-fiction[edit]

Neutral non-fiction books[edit]

Neutral non-fiction anthologies[edit]

  • Robert Pennock ed. Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics: Philosophical, Theological, and Scientific Perspectives, MIT Press (2002). ISBN 0-262-66124-1
  1. Intelligent Design Creationism's "Wedge Strategy"
    1. The Wedge at Work: How Intelligent Design Creationism is Wedging Its Way into the Cultural and Academic Mainstream, by Barbara Forrest
  2. Johnson's Critique of Evolutionary Naturalism
    1. Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism, by Phillip E. Johnson
    2. Naturalism, Evidence and Creationism: The Case of Phillip Johnson, by Robert T. Pennock
    3. Response to Pennock by Phillip E. Johnson
    4. Reply: Johnson's Reason in the Balance, by Robert T. Pennock
  3. A Theological Conflict?: Evolution vs. the Bible
    1. When Faith and Reason Clash: Evolution and the Bible, by Alvin Plantinga
    2. When Faith and Reason Cooperate, by Howard J. Van Till
    3. Plantinga's Defense of Special Creation, by Ernan McMullin
    4. Evolution, Neutrality, and Antecedent Probability: A Reply to McMullin and Van Till, by Alvin Plantinga
  4. Intelligent Design's Scientific Claims
    1. Molecular Machines: Experimental Support for the Design Inference, by Michael J. Behe
    2. Born Again Creationism, by Philip Kitcher
    3. Biology Remystified: The Scientific Claims of the New Creationists, by Matthew J. Brauer & Daniel R. Brumbaugh
  5. Plantinga's Critique of Naturalism & Evolution
    1. Methodological Naturalism?, by Alvin Plantinga
    2. Methodological Naturalism Under Attack, by Michael Ruse
    3. Plantinga's Case Against Naturalistic Epistemology, by Evan Fales
    4. Plantinga's Probability Arguments Against Evolutionary Naturalism, by Branden Fitelson & Elliott Sober
  6. Intelligent Design Creationism vs. Theistic Evolutionism
    1. Creator or "Blind Watchmaker?", by Phillip E. Johnson
    2. Phillip Johnson on Trial: A Critique of His Critique of Darwin, by Nancey Murphy
    3. Welcoming the 'Disguised Friend' – Darwinism and Divinity, by Arthur Peacocke
    4. The Creation: Intelligently Designed or Optimally Equipped?, by Howard J. Van Till
    5. Is Theism Compatible with Evolution?, by Roy Clouser
  7. Intelligent Design and Information
    1. Is Genetic Information Irreducible?, by Phillip E. Johnson
    2. Reply to Phillip Johnson, by Richard Dawkins
    3. Reply to Johnson, by George C. Williams
    4. Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information, by William A. Dembski
    5. Information and the Argument from Design, by Peter Godfrey-Smith
    6. How Not to Detect Design, by Branden Fitelson, Christopher Stephens & Elliott Sober
    7. The 'Information Challenge', by Richard Dawkins
  8. Intelligent Design Theorists Turn the Tables
    1. Who's Got the Magic?, by William A. Dembski
    2. The Wizards of ID: Reply to Dembski, by Robert T. Pennock
    3. The Panda's Peculiar Thumb, by Stephen Jay Gould
    4. The Role of Theology in Current Evolutionary Reasoning, by Paul A. Nelson
    5. Appealing to Ignorance Behind the Cloak of Ambiguity, by Kelly C. Smith
    6. Nonoverlapping Magisteria, by Stephen Jay Gould
  9. Creationism and Education
    1. Why Creationism Should Not Be Taught in the Public Schools, by Robert T. Pennock
    2. Creation and Evolution: A Modest Proposal, by Alvin Plantinga
    3. Reply to Plantinga's 'Modest Proposal', by Robert T. Pennock

Neutral non-fiction papers and articles[edit]

Critical non-fiction[edit]

Critical non-fiction books[edit]

Critical non-fiction anthologies[edit]

Critical non-fiction papers and articles[edit]

Critical non-fiction films[edit]


The concept of life having been designed or manipulated is a staple of science fiction. Aspects of Intelligent Design are explored in:


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