Not the Tremblin' Kind

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Not The Tremblin' Kind
Not The Tremblin' Kind.jpg
Studio album by Laura Cantrell
Released October 24, 2000 (US)
Recorded Studio G
Jolly Roger
Hank's 'Hey Now' Studio
Genre Country
Label Diesel Only (US)
Spit and Polish (UK)
Producer Jay Sherman-Godfrey
Laura Cantrell chronology
Not the Tremblin' Kind
When the Roses Bloom Again
(2002)When the Roses Bloom Again2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Not the Tremblin' Kind is the debut album by American singer-songwriter Laura Cantrell. It was originally released in 2000 on Diesel Only Records. The album bears a dedication to "the original Beverly Hillbilly", Zeke Manners.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Not the Tremblin' Kind" (George Usher) – 3:37
  2. "Little Bit of You" (Jay Sherman-Godfrey) – 4:19
  3. "Queen of the Coast" (Laura Cantrell) – 4:59
  4. "Pile of Woe" (Joe Flood) – 3:34
  5. "Two Seconds" (Robert McCreedy) – 3:58
  6. "Churches off the Interstate" (Laura Cantrell) – 2:59
  7. "The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter" (Amy Allison) – 5:07
  8. "Do You Ever Think of Me" (Dan Prater) – 2:44
  9. "Big Wheel" (Jay Sherman-Godfrey, Jeremy Tepper) – 2:30
  10. "My Heart Goes Out to You" (Laura Cantrell) – 4:06
  11. "Somewhere, Some Night" (Carl Montgomery) – 3:24
  12. "The Way It Is" (Laura Cantrell) – 3:48