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Nota Blu or the Blue Note is the title of a piano painted in Park City, Utah, US. It was painted by Sonny Luca.

The Piano[edit]

  • Manufacturer: The Straube Piano Company
  • Serial number: #55688
  • Style: Vertical grand piano with patented French repeating action
  • Year manufactured: Date unknown
  • Original owner: Only known by "Vince" who generously donated this Piano to the Art Pianos For All project in Park City, Utah; has remained mostly anonymous.

Founded in 1904 at 252 Wildwood Road, this historic factory building—still exists today, however it is silent in the manufacturing of pianos. The structure is one of two loft-style industrial buildings constructed of heavy masonry walls and wood floors remaining in the city. It was designed by architect Joseph T. Hutton. The company remained in business for some 20 to 25 years, while it did a brisk business during the roaring 1920's, selling its trademark player pianos.

During the firm's heyday, the plant expanded several times in order to keep up with the demand. In 1919, the company stated that it had a daily output of 15 pianos a day and in 1920, with its expanded capacity it would have a production of 20 pianos daily. Its total annual production then was pegged at some 6,000 units. More than 130 skilled craftsman and mechanics were employed in the manufacturing process there at that time.

During that era, player pianos were in vogue, and they were becoming even more popular as time went on. Piano industry experts stated, because of its ease of use, the player piano was expected to eventually replace the "old" manually operated pianos. All of this came to a grinding halt with the stock market crash and the Great Depression of the 1929.

The company's retail store and showroom was located on Hohman Avenue in Downtown Hammond. This building also still stands today, it is located on the east side of the street, just past where Rimbach Street joins Hohman Avenue.

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