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Noteć near Santok
The river near Santok

Noteć (German: Netze, Latin: Natissis) is a river in central Poland with a length of 388 km (7th longest) and a basin area of 17,330 km². It is a tributary of the Warta river and lies completely within Poland.

It flows out of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, through the voivodeships of Greater Poland and Lubusz Land, and empties near Gorzów Wielkopolski into the Warta.

The Netze District was a territory created by the Prussian administration along the river in the Kingdom of Prussia from 1772 to 1793, after the First Partition of Poland.


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Coordinates: 52°44′08″N 15°24′23″E / 52.7355°N 15.4065°E / 52.7355; 15.4065