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Notesync Icon.png
Developer(s) Brady White
Stable release
Beta 1.0[1] / March 27, 2010
Operating system Mac, PC, Linux
Type Note Taking
License Proprietary


NoteSync is a note taking software application made by Brady White [1] that syncs notes with Google Docs. NoteSync was built using Adobe AIR which allows Windows and Mac operating systems to run NoteSync, Adobe Air support for linux has been stopped. Development on NoteSync started in December 2009 and by March 2010 Beta 1.0 was released.

NoteSync was inspired by the fast note taking capabilities of Notational Velocity [2].

Current Features[edit]

  • Create, edit, delete, and store text-only notes on local computer
  • Sync notes to a Google Docs account
  • Back up notes via Google Docs
  • Auto-saves notes
  • Secure HTTPS transmission of all notes to Google Docs
  • Operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Offline mode

Upcoming Features[edit]

  • The Notesync iPhone application will allow users to create, edit, and delete notes from their iPhone
  • Organization of notes using tags


  • Size: 2 MB
  • License: proprietary


Some have criticized Notesync's lack of rich text formatting, bulleted lists, indentation, and print support.

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