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" Notes on 'Camp' " is an essay by Susan Sontag first published in 1964. It was her first contribution to the Partisan Review. The essay created a literary sensation and brought Sontag intellectual notoriety. It was republished in 1966 in Sontag's debut collection of essays, Against Interpretation.[1]

The essay codified and mainstreamed the cultural connotations of the word "camp" and identified camp's evolution as a distinct aesthetic phenomenon.[citation needed]

William Bayer's essay "Juniors and Heavies",[2] originally published in his 1971 book Breaking Through, Selling Out, Dropping Dead And Other Notes On Filmmaking, was patterned after "Notes On Camp". (Bayer referred to Sontag's essay in the new material he contributed to the book's 1989 revised edition.)


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