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BYU Noteworthy
Formation 2003
Type Theatre group
Purpose a cappella

BYU Noteworthy is a nine-member, female a cappella group based in Provo, Utah, United States. All members attend Brigham Young University (BYU) and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They won 1st place at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) in 2007 and appeared on the first season of NBC's a cappella competition reality show The Sing-Off in 2009.[1][2]

Historical highlights[edit]


Noteworthy was founded in 2003 by BYU student Esther Yoder. She consulted with co-founder and then director of Vocal Point, Bob Ahlander, and recruited Vocal Point members Dave Brown and Dan Dunn to help create the new group.[3][4] February 1, 2004 marked the formation of the first group of nine Noteworthy ladies.


Noteworthy performed in the West Coast A Cappella Showcase at UC Berkeley, at a Utah Jazz game, and competed in the ICCA. In the Semifinal round, Noteworthy placed second in the West region, and Yoder received the award for Most Outstanding Vocal Percussion.[5]


The group recorded its debut album, On the Horizon, and performed in the third annual Vocal Point / Noteworthy joint concert. They again competed at the ICCA and placed second to Vocal Point in the Quarterfinal round. Noteworthy member Camille Hancock won the award for Most Outstanding Choreography.[6]


Noteworthy released their debut album On the Horizon. A Bulgarian track on the album, "Kaval Sviri," was nominated for a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) in the best female collegiate song category.[7]

The group again competed in the ICCA. They took first place in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Final round of the competition at the Lincoln Center in New York City, making them the 2007 International Champions. Director Catherine Papworth received the Most Outstanding Arrangement Award for "How Great Thou Art" in both the Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds. Member Kristin Papworth received the award for Most Outstanding Choreography for Noteworthy's full set in the Finals round.[8][9]


Noteworthy was featured in a story for NBC Sports[4] and a piece in BYU Magazine. The group competed again at the ICCA and advanced to the Semifinal round, placing Noteworthy among the top groups in the west region.[10] Noteworthy unveiled their revamped website in 2007,[11] designed by group member Nabby Parkinson. The group tracked its second album, Green Means Go, produced by Catherine Papworth.[12]


The ladies toured parts of California and appeared on a web series, JER3MIAH.[13] The group's second album Green Means Go was released in April 2009. It features songs from their 2007 ICCA championship set.


"Listen," a cover track from Green Means Go was selected to appear on the Best of Collegiate A Cappella (BOCA) compilation for 2010.[14] Noteworthy was contacted by producers at NBC and asked to be one of eight groups across the nation to appear on NBC's a cappella competition reality show The Sing-Off.[1] The show debuted on NBC on December 14, 2009. Noteworthy was eliminated in the second episode on December 15, 2009.[15]

After performing on The Sing-Off, Noteworthy went on to compete in the ICCA quarter finals in Eugene, Oregon, where they took first place and the award for Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Soloist, Outstanding Arrangement, and Outstanding Vocal Percussion.[16][17][18]


Noteworthy's third album was released in December 2010, titled Defined. The CD received four CARA nominations, Best Scholastic Original Song, Best Female Collegiate Album, Best Female Collegiate Solo, and Best Female Collegiate Arrangement.[19] The group also reunited with their former Sing-Off competitors, the Beelzebubs, in Orlando, Florida to perform at the MD Anderson Cancer Center benefit concert.[20]


Noteworthy performed in two joint concerts with the Whiffenpoofs of Yale while the ensemble was on tour in Utah.[21][22] Noteworthy again competed in the ICCA, taking first place at the Quarterfinal.[23] The group performed the National Anthem for Real Salt Lake's home-game season opener[24][25] and launched a new website.[26]

Former members Amy Whitcomb and Laina Walker were featured on the third season of NBC's TV Show The Sing-Off with a group called Delilah.[27]


Noteworthy made its first YouTube music video [28] and began producing MP3 singles.[29] The group was featured on a 40-minute segment of BYU Radio's Highway 89,[30][unreliable source?] and performed at BYU's annual Unforum assembly.

Former member Amy Whitcomb appeared on the fourth season of The Voice, where she was eliminated in the knockout rounds.


Noteworthy released a new album, "Unbound"[31] and two more music videos and MP3 singles.[32] The group performed live on KZHT,[33] as well as Utah News Station KUTV 2News.[34] Noteworthy competed in the ICCA and placed 10th in the competition.[35] On April 12, 2014, alumni traveled to Provo for a 10-Year Anniversary Concert, which included performances by the current Noteworthy group as well as past generations.[36] Noteworthy participated in a YouTube collaboration with Stuart Edge, Peter Hollens, and Vocal Point: "Kiss the Girl in Real Life."[37][unreliable source?] The group performed as an opener for Home Free, the Season 4 winning group of NBC's "The Sing-Off," on Memorial Day in Orem, Utah.[38]


Noteworthy joined Vocal Point as the second university-sponsored a cappella group at BYU, under the administrative direction of BYU's Performing Arts Management. Keith Evans, former member of Vocal Point, was hired as the artistic director, with Jordan Turner hired as the group's first sound engineer. The group recorded a new single and music video, "Geronimo" by Sheppard.[39]


In their second year as an official BYU performing group, Noteworthy gained significant popularity after recording and filming their cover of Amazing Grace, which reached 20 million views on Youtube by the following year.[40] They recorded two other music videos that year--"Star Wars: A Cappella Strikes Back"[41] (a medley of Star Wars tunes) and "Be Thou My Vision".[42] Alex Winder replaced Jordan Turner as the sound engineer for the group and Noteworthy returned to compete in the ICCA, winning the Northwest Regional Round (with Sarah Cunha taking the award for Outstanding Vocal Percussion), but was unable to advance due to a scheduling conflict. Touring opportunities took them to the Four Corners to perform on The Today Show[43] with Al Roker, opening for Jay Leno at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, and a two-week mainstage tour in Nauvoo, IL.


Noteworthy released a new 15-track album, "Ready for a Miracle",[44] featuring songs from the last 3 years. They also filmed three new music videos, including "Vivir Mi Vida"[45] by Marc Anthony, "Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High)",[46] and "Unsteady"[47] by X Ambassadors, the latter two of which were also released as new singles. The group traveled outside the continental United States for the first time, performing at the University of Alaska Anchorage in October 2016.

Directors, alumni, and members[edit]

Year Director(s) Members
2004 Dan Dunn, Esther Yoder Stephanie Call, Nykelle Cloward, LeeElle Jex, Rachel Kocherhans, Rosa Parma, Ellen Pratt, Ashley Tanabe, Esther Yoder, Jessica Zabawa
2004-2005 Dave Brown Stephanie Call (Aug-Dec), Suzie Hall, Lauren Hart, Alexis Munoa (Jan-Apr), Catherine Papworth, Rosa Parma, Ellen Pratt, Ashley Tanabe, Esther Yoder, Jessica Zabawa
2005-2006 Jimmy Dunn, David Anderson Sommer Anderson (Aug-Dec), Jackie Donkin(Jan-Apr), Camille Hancock, Lauren Hart, Erica Neuffer, Catherine Papworth, Kristin Papworth, Megan Schmidt and Mikelle Young (Aug-Dec)
2006-2007 Catherine Papworth Ashley Cazier (Jan-Apr), Jackie Donkin, Camille Hancock, Courtney Jensen, Kaity McGuire, Ashley Mordwinow, Erica Neuffer, Kristin Papworth, Nabby Parkinson, Megan Schmidt
2007-2008 Catherine Papworth, Esther Yoder Camrie Copier, Courtney Jensen, Kaity McGuire, Ashley Mordwinow, Erica Neuffer, Michelle Osmond, Kristin Papworth, Nabby Parkinson, Amy Whitcomb
2008-2009 Catherine Papworth, Erica Neuffer Catherine Cooley, Jenna Engebretsen, Courtney Jensen, Katie Jensen, Ashley Mordwinow, Nabby Parkinson, Kelsey Raps, Rachel Sonderegger, Amy Whitcomb
2009-2010 Courtney Jensen, Amy Whitcomb Siri Alemany, Amber Catherall, Cassie Crabb, Lizzy Early, Courtney Jensen, Katie Jensen, Kelsey Raps, Laina Walker, Amy Whitcomb
2010-2011 Kelsey Raps Pratt, Cassie Crabb Amber Catherall, Cassie Crabb, Lizzy Early, McKenzie Giles, Katie Jensen(Aug-Dec), Kristen Metzger, Taylor Olson, Sara Parkinson, Laina Walker, Brooke Weenig
2011-2012 Amanda Crabb, Kelsey Pratt Cassie Crabb, McKenzie Giles, Katie Jensen, Sara Phelps, Hollie Pratt, Tatiana Quinn, Cassie Tobler, Brooke Weenig, Rebecca Woahn
2012-2013 Katie Jensen Hall, Kelsey Pratt Brianna Boyd, Brittany Bruner, Cassie Gonzalez, Liz Hilton, Jillian Innes, Lauren Myrick, Emily Parkinson, Tatiana Quinn, Jennifer Riding
2013-2014 Tatiana Quinn Shirley Cole, Jordyn Crowley, Cassie Gonzalez, Janae Klumpp, Mariah Kolts, Diana Kramer, Elicia Merwin, Marissa Quinn, Hanna Zenger
2014-2015 Keith Evans Alyssa Aramaki, Sarah Cunha, Allyssa Jex, Janae Klumpp, Janessa Lyons, Jessica McKay, Mariella Roberts, Tressa Roberts, Bethany Simmons, Jordan Turner (sound engineer)
2015-2016 Keith Evans Alyssa Aramaki, Sarah Cunha, Allyssa Blake (Jex), Janae Klumpp, Jessica Johnson (McKay), Tressa Roberts, Alyssa Flake, Rachael Holt, Taylor Whitlock, Alex Winder (sound engineer)
2016-2017 Keith Evans Alyssa Hazen (Aramaki), Bronwyn Bent, Sarah Cunha, Caitlin Dudley, Alyssa Flake, Amy Geis (Jan-Apr), Rachael Holt (Aug-Dec), Megan Sackett, Taylor Smith (Whitlock), Hanna Zenger, Alex Winder (sound engineer), Rachael Aedo (stage manager)
2017-2018 Keith Evans Bronwyn Bent, Kristen Bodine, Beth Campbell, Caitlin Dudley, Allie Gardner, Amy Geis, Jessica Osai, Catie Porter, Jessica Osai, Adam Christensen (sound engineer), Rachael Aedo (stage manager)



  • "Ready For A Miracle" (2016)
  • "Unbound" (2014)
  • "Defined" (2010)
  • "Green Means Go" (2009)
  • "On the Horizon" (2006)


  • "Unsteady - Single" (2017)
  • "Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High) - Single" (2016)
  • "Be Thou My Vision - Single" (2016)
  • "Star Wars: A Cappella Strikes Back - Single" (2015)
  • "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Single" (2015)
  • "Geronimo - Single" (2015)
  • "Madness - Single" (2014)
  • "I Was Here - Single" (2014)
  • "Feel Again - Single" (2014)
  • "O Holy Night - Single" (2013)
  • "I Knew You Were Trouble / We Are Never Getting Back Together - Single" (2013)
  • "Without You / I Will Wait Mashup - Single" (2013)


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