Nothing Fixed or Final

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Nothing Fixed or Final
Nothing fixed or final.jpg
Studio album by Franciscus Henri
Released 2005
Label Franciscus Henri Productions

Nothing Fixed or Final, released in 2005 under Franciscus Henri Productions, is a collection of songs and poems written by poet Sydney Carter, performed by Franciscus Henri.[1]

Track listing[edit]


  1. The Candle Light
  2. Bell of Creation
  3. My Mum was a Woman
  4. Silver in The Stubble
  5. Mixed-up Old Man
  6. Coming and Going Away
  7. Green Like The Leaves
  8. Feeling Sad and Lonely
  9. Creator of The Living
  10. Crow on The Cradle
  11. Bird of Heaven
  12. Shake and Shiver
  13. Lord of The Dance
  14. Come Holy Harlequin
  15. The Devil
  16. Every Star Shall Sing a Carol
  17. Travel on
  18. Julian of Norwich


  1. Run The Film Backwards
  2. Child
  3. The Burden
  4. The Rat Race
  5. The Sin of Being
  6. Anonymous
  7. Interview[2]


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