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Nothing Real L.L.C, a company founded in October 1996 by Allen Edwards and Arnaud Hervas, developed high-end digital effects software for the feature film, broadcast and interactive gaming industries. Apple Inc. purchased Nothing Real in February 2002 for its flagship digital effects software, Shake.[1]


In 2000, Shake version 2.1 cost US$9,900 plus an annual maintenance fee of approximately US$1,500. The additional render-only license cost US$3,900. The software was available for Linux, Irix and Windows NT. The initial engineering team that developed Shake was composed of Arnaud Hervas, Emmanuel Mogenet, Ron Brinkmann, Louis Cetorelli, and Dan Candela.

Apple Computer's purchase of Nothing Real in 2002 changed the way in which Shake was marketed and sold. Apple released Shake for Mac OS X and lowered the price to US$4,950 with an annual maintenance fee of US$1,199. Apple continued to lower Shake's price over the years. In 2006, Apple released Shake 4.1 for US$499 with no annual maintenance fee. On July 30, 2009, Apple discontinued Shake.[2]

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