Nothing and Nowhere

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Nothing and Nowhere
Nothing and Nowhere 2002.png
Original 2002 release
Studio album by The Birthday Massacre
Released July 23, 2002
2004 (re-release)
June 5, 2007 (re-release)
Genre Electronic rock, gothic rock, new wave, alternative rock
Length 38:45
Label Metropolis
Producer The Birthday Massacre
The Birthday Massacre chronology
Nothing and Nowhere
Alternative Cover
2004 reissue
2004 reissue

Nothing and Nowhere is a 2002 album by Canadian band The Birthday Massacre. It is their first official studio release. The album was re-released in 2004 with new artwork due to high demand. Original pressings of the release sell for high prices to collectors on eBay. Reworked and re-recorded tracks of "Happy Birthday," "Horror Show," "Video Kid," and "The Dream" appear on their 2004 release Violet, but only the LP version.

A reworked and re-recorded version of "To Die For" later appeared on the band's 2007 album Walking with Strangers.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Happy Birthday" 3:37
2. "Horror Show" 4:10
3. "Promise Me" 4:16
4. "Under the Stairs" 4:30
5. "To Die For" 5:46
6. "Video Kid" 4:34
7. "Over" 4:02
8. "Broken" 3:56
9. "The Dream" 3:54


  • Chibi - Vocals
  • Rainbow - Guitar and Programming
  • Michael Falcore - Guitar
  • J. Aslan - Bass
  • O.E. - Drums