Nothofagus betuloides

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Nothofagus betuloides
Nothofagus betuloides.jpg
Scientific classification
N. betuloides
Binomial name
Nothofagus betuloides
  • Betula antarctica G.Forst.
  • Calusparassus betuloides (Mirb.) Hombr. & Jacquinot ex Decne.
  • Calusparassus forsteri (Hook.) Hombr. & Jacquinot ex Decne.
  • Fagus betuloides Mirb.
  • Fagus dubia Mirb.
  • Fagus forsteri Hook.
  • Nothofagus betuloides (Mirb.) Blume
  • Nothofagus dubia (Mirb.) Oerst.
  • Nothofagus dubia (Mirb.) Blume
  • Nothofagus forsteri (Hook.) Krasser
  • Nothofagus patagonica Gand.

Nothofagus betuloides, Magellan's beech or guindo, is a tree native to southern Patagonia.

In 1769, Sir Joseph Banks collected a specimen of the tree in Tierra del Fuego during Captain Cook's first voyage.[2]


N. betuloides grows from southern Chile and southern Argentina (40°S) to Tierra del Fuego (56°S). It is found from sea level to 500 m (1,600 ft) above mean sea level.


It is an evergreen tree up to 25 m (82 ft) tall, with a columnar appearance. In its natural environment, it tolerates cold winters and absence of heat in summer. Specimens from the southern forests resist temperatures down to −20 °C (−4 °F).


It succeeds in Scotland. Trees planted in the Faroe Islands, which were imported directly from its southernmost distribution in Tierra del Fuego, have turned out to be very hardy.[3]

The wood has beautiful marks, and is pinkish, hard, and semiheavy; it is used in furniture and construction.


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