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Editorial DirectorGustavo González
PublisherEditorial Perfil
Total circulation
First issue17 November 1976

Noticias de la Semana is a weekly newsmagazine in Spanish published in Argentina, where it is known simply as Noticias (News). The magazine was founded by Jorge Fontevecchia in 1976[2] and published by him in a format similar to U.S. publications such as Time or Newsweek. Noticias was known as La Semana (The Week) until 1989 and is widely considered the leading Spanish-language newsmagazine in the world.

The magazine is also known in Argentina for its loss of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas, who was murdered in 1997 on the orders of local shipping magnate Alfredo Yabrán.[3]

The magazines is part of Editorial Perfil.[2] Former President Néstor Kirchner reportedly ordered government advertising withheld from the magazine, as well from other media critical of his government, and privileged supporting media instead.[4] Editorial Perfil sued the government regarding this, and the Court supported the magazine's claim. Chief of Staff Aníbal Fernández denied any discrimination against the publisher, a statement refuted by Perfil.[5]


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