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Developer(s) PreSonus (formerly Notion Music)
Initial release 2005
Stable release
Operating system Windows, Mac, iOS
License Proprietary

NOTION is a computer software program for music composition and performance created by NOTION Music, a company located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Created for use on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, NOTION's sample library for playback was recorded at Abbey Road by the London Symphony Orchestra. NOTION Music also offers other programs with names written in all caps, including PROTEGE (similar to NOTION with limited functionality), PROGRESSION (a composition program oriented to guitarists), and NOTION Conducting (for Conducting classes).

Playback and Performance[edit]

The playback engine provides users with real-time tempo control as it interprets score marks, such as articulations and performance techniques. This enables groups to accompany live performers or fill-in for absent ensemble players.[1] A version of NOTION has been used on non-union national tours of Broadway shows, including Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Annie, Peter Pan, INDIA Circus, Shrek, Sunset Boulevard, Elf and The Wizard of Oz, to replace live musicians in the orchestra pit.

In addition to live performance, solo performers or actors-singers can rehearse with a full orchestra at their convenience. Users can also capture playback in wav digital audio files for transfer to CD or digital audio workstation - or for conversion to other audio formats such as mp3 or wma.


Composers, arrangers, music students, and hobbyists can write for up to 128 instruments in a score using computer keyboard/mouse, MIDI keyboard, MIDI guitar, MIDI file, or MusicXML file. NOTION automatically takes care of many mechanical aspects of music notation,[2] such as stem direction and alignment of different rhythmic values. Users can create custom key signatures, time signatures, and quarter tones. NOTION also provides an audio mixer to set volume level, pan (left/right stereo placement) setting, and hall decay amount down to individual instruments. The third version of NOTION also supports ReWire, third party VST effects and other third party sound libraries, including Vienna Special Edition and Special Edition Plus, EastWest Quantum Leap Platinum, Miroslav Philharmonik and Garritan Personal Orchestra.

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