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NotoTetudou Corporation
Native name
TypeThird sector
GenreRail transport
Founded30 April 1987
Area served
ServicesPassenger railway
Line of Noto Railway as of 2009

Noto Railway (のと鉄道, Noto Tetsudō) is a railway company on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.


Noto Railway is a third-sector company, which means (in Japanese terminology) a corporation jointly funded by private entities and local governments. Noto Railway's major shareholders are Ishikawa Prefecture (33.6% ownership), Hokkoku Bank (5.0%), town of Noto (4.2%), Hokuriku Bank (4.2%), and others.[1][2]

Railway lines[edit]

It presently operates a part of the Nanao Line and previously operated the Noto Line.



NT201Hanasaku Iroha Collaboration Car[3][4][5]

The railway company collaborated with Hanasaku Iroha in between 2011 and 2012 at the first time. But, the company has collaborated with Hanasaku Iroha since 2013 again due to a favorable response.[6]

Besides, Express Yunosagi (急行ゆのさぎ) has been run since 2013 by interested persons who is named as Tetsudo Yuso (鉄道遊走, Tetsudō Yūsō) .[7] The trains used to ride at free. But, when you ride on the trains you pay the fares for riding on local services since 2019.


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