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Nototriton lignicola.jpg
Nototriton lignicola
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Caudata
Family: Plethodontidae
Genus: Nototriton
Wake & Elias, 1983

See table.

Nototriton, commonly referred to as Moss Salamanders is a genus in the salamander family Plethodontidae, which is characterized by their absence of lungs; they instead achieve respiration through their skin and the tissues lining their mouth. They range from Central Costa Rica to north-central and western Honduras reaching also to eastern Guatemala.


The genus contains the following 14 species:

Binomial Name and Author Common Name
Nototriton abscondens
(Taylor, 1948)
Isla Bonita Moss Salamander
Nototriton barbouri
(Schmidt, 1936)
Yoro Salamander
Nototriton brodiei
Campbell & Smith, 1998
Cerro Pozo de Agua Moss Salamander
Nototriton gamezi
García-París & Wake, 2000
Monteverde Moss Salamander
Nototriton guanacaste
Good & Wake, 1993
Volcan Cacao Moss Salamander
Nototriton lignicola
McCranie & Wilson, 1997
Cerro de Emmedio Moss Salamander
Nototriton limnospectator
McCranie, Wilson & Polisar, 1998
Santa Barbara Moss Salamander
Nototriton major
Good & Wake, 1993
Plantanillo Gorge Salamander
Nototriton picadoi
(Stejneger, 1911)
La Estrella Salamander
Nototriton richardi
(Taylor, 1949)
Richard's Moss Salamander
Nototriton saslaya
Köhler, 2002
Cerro Saslaya Moss Salamander
Nototriton stuarti
Wake & Campbell, 2000
Stuart's Moss Salamander
Nototriton tapanti
Good & Wake, 1993
Tapanti Moss Salamander
Nototriton tomamorum
Townsend, 2010
Stuart's Moss Salamander

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