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Notre Dame de la Motte
Vesoul Notre-Dame-de-la-Motte 2.jpg
Notre Dame la Motte Vesoul 010.JPG Vesoul Notre-Dame-de-la-Motte.jpg Vesoul-La-Motte-2.jpg
Notre Dame la Motte Vesoul 002.JPG
Basic information
Location Vesoul, Haute-Saône, France
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Country France
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Pilgrimage Chapel
Architectural description
Architectural type Chapel
Completed 1857

Notre Dame de la Motte is a chapel located at the top of the hill de la Motte, in Vesoul (France).

Coordinates: 47°37′25″N 6°09′28″E / 47.62361°N 6.15778°E / 47.62361; 6.15778