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Notre Dame College, Dhaka
Logo of Notre Dame College.jpg
MottoDiligite Lumen Sapientiae
Motto in English
Love the light of wisdom
TypeHigher secondary school, university-affiliated college
Established1949 (1949)
Religious affiliation
Catholic Christian Church
PrincipalFr. Hemonto Pius Rozario CSC (2012 - present)[1]

Notre Dame College, Dhaka (Bengali: নটর ডেম কলেজ, ঢাকা also known as NDC) is a Catholic higher secondary school (In the Indian subcontinent, as in the UK, higher secondary schools comprising the 11th and 12th years of education are often referred to as colleges) as well as a degree college affiliated to the National University. It is one of the oldest educational institution in Dhaka, Bangladesh established in 1949. This institution is administrated by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Society of Priests. The college also offers three years of degree program, Bachelor of Arts (BA Pass Course) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS Pass Course). In 2009 the institution celebrated its 60th anniversary.[2]


Notre Dame College was first established at Luxmibazar, Old Dhaka in November, 1949 with the name "St. Gregory College". In 1954-55, the institution was transferred to Arambagh, Motijheel from its initial location of Dhaka with the present name – "Notre Dame", referring to Mary or Maryam, mother of Jesus Christ.[3][4]

It was established by the Roman Catholic Priests from the Congregation of Holy Cross because of the crisis in the education sector of newborn East Pakistan. It was known as the St. Gregory College, an extension of the St. Gregory's School, which was also established by the mission. It was relocated to its current location in Motijheel in 1954 and renamed to Notre Dame College. The new name was a tribute to the University of Notre Dame, the alma mater of many of the faculty members.[3]

Since the 1980s, Notre Dame College gained reputation of the best institution for higher secondary education in the country. The highest number of perfect GPA holders in national examination (H.S.C.) and the exceptional success of its students in university admission tests bear testimony to this.[5]


Every year Notre Dame College takes around 1700-1900 students in science, around 400 students in Humanities and around 750 students in Business Studies group through the most competitive college admission process in the country. With a few number of perfect GPA holders in Public Examination (SSC), Notre Dame College accepts students with best GPAs. Currently, it consists of 16 classrooms for students in science terming each as "Groups". In case of science, groups 1 to 14 includes Bengali medium students and the rest 15 and 16 groups admits English version students. Humanities has groups H, W and G while the Business Studies section has groups A, B, C, D, E and F. [6]

Extracurricular clubs[edit]

This College has 24 extracurricular clubs:

  • Notre Dame Debating Club (NDDC)
  • Notre Dame Science Club (NDSC)
  • Notre Dame Outward Bound Adventure Club (OBAC)
  • Notre Dame Rover Group (NDCRS)
  • Notre Dame Business Club (NDBC)
  • Notre Dame Chess Club (NDCC)
  • Notre Dame Manabik Shongho (Humanitarian Club)
  • Notre Dame Nature Study Club (NDNSC)
  • Notre Dame Degree Club
  • Notre Dame Yuva (Youth) Red Crescent Club
  • Notre Dame Rotaract Club (NDRC)
  • Notre Dame Natya dal (Theatre Group)
  • Notre Dame Abritti Dal (Recitation Club)
  • Notre Dame History club
  • Notre Dame Eco & Space Club (NDESC)
  • Notre Dame International Understanding and Relation Club (NDIURC)
  • Notre Dame Cultural Club
  • Notre Dame Lekhok Kunjo (Writers' Club) (NDWC)
  • Notre Dame English Club (NDEC)
  • Notre Dame Art Club (NDAC)
  • Notre Dame Math Club (NDMC)
  • Notre Dame Ethics Club (NDEC)
  • Notre Dame Photography Club (NDPC)
  • Notre Dame Information & Technology Club (NDITC)

Notre Dame Debating Club[edit]

Notre Dame Debating Club (NDDC) is called the Father of Debating Club of the country. It celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2003.

Notre Dame Eco And Space Club[edit]

Notre Dame Eco and Space Club is an environment and astronomy based club. The club was established on 28 October 1992. It is also one of the first Astronomy based clubs in Bangladesh. The club arranges workshops, seminars, field trips, and stargazing camps to promote the study of Earth, Environment and Astronomy among the youth generation of Bangladesh. National Earth and Space Summit is the identical annual festival hosted by this club every year. The club deeply believes in the quote of Carl Sagan, 'Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.' Md Nazmul Hassan is the founder and current Moderator of NDESC. Besides, Farhan Shahriar (Founding General Secretary) and SM Tahmidul Alam and Wasif Ajwad (Founding Presidents) are the co-founders of NDESC. "DURBIN" is the annual club magazine and also it holds the pride of being the first institutional Astronomical publication.

Notre Dame Writers Club[edit]

The club arranges a workshop, seminars, field trips.

Notre Dame Nature Study Club[edit]

Notre Dame Nature Study Club also known as NDNSC, is the first nature club in the country.[7] It was established in 29 August 1984 by Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan, former Lecturer of Notre Dame College and also the founder & chairman of Nature Study Society of Bangladesh.This club is also well known for its photography wing. NDNSC is the first club in Bangladesh to provide training on Photography and Videography. Every year it organizes the most prestigious nature summit of the country. Its motto is 'Love the beauty of nature'. Every year it publishes its annual magazine "Nisarga"

Notre Dame Science Club[edit]

Notre Dame Science Club also known as NDSC, is the oldest science club in the country.[7] It was established in 18 September 1955 by the ex-principal of the college Father Richard William Timm, CSC. It celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2005.[8] And celebrated its 60 years in 2015. Every year it organizes the biggest science fair in college level of the country. Its motto is 'Science In Human Welfare'. College's 3 quiz team "NDC Gold", "NDC Blue" and "NDC Green" are maintained by Notre Dame Science Club. Every year it publishes its annual magazine "Audri" and wall magazine "Abiskar(আবিষ্কার)", "Focus(ফোকাস)" & "Trimatrik(ত্রিমাত্রিক)". Moreover, Notre Dame Science Club also organizes different workshops and seminars which help its members to gather knowledge and improve their skills.

Notre Dame Rotaract Club[edit]

Notre Dame Rotaract Club (NDRC)[9] is the first Rotaract club in the college level of Bangladesh. The club was founded in 1991 due to much eagerness and endeavor of Subrata Debnath, a student of academic year 1989-90 of Notre Dame College, Dhaka. Its objective is to form leadership quality, to build up notable personality, to make scopes of learning about social, national and international situation, to give the chance of working together to enhance the spirit of cooperation.

Notre Dame International Understanding and Relation Club[edit]

Notre Dame International Understanding and Relation Club (IURC) is one of the oldest International Relation Club of the country and the first International Relations Club in High School/College level. It was established in 20 February 1993. The club is renowned for hosting various international programs like Education Fair, BANMUN etc. It also works along with International communities like American Center Dhaka, British Council etc. This club arranged the first ever Mock Model UN in Notre Dame College and also arranged the first Model UN of Notre Dame College titled Notre Dame College Model United Nations[10] in 2017. The Second Session of NDCMUN took place from 11–13 January 2018 with more than 500 participants, making it one of the largest Model UNs in the country.[11]

Notre Dame Math Club[edit]

Notre Dame Math Club was established on March 14, 2017 (Pi Day). The Club regularly organizes seminars, workshops and tutorial classes for students interested in mathematics. It also helps weak students develop skills in mathematics. Apart from regular programs, the club also organises the annual inter-school/inter-college program called the Notre Dame Math Festival.[12] During this festival various mathematical competitions are held among school and college-level students from multiple institutions. The club annually publishes a hand written scrap magazine called The Number on Pi Day. On Pi Day 2018, the club published its first printed annual magazine called The Function.


Blue and Gold is the yearbook of Notre Dame College. Notre Dame College publishes students' quarterly magazine Dhak Dhol - Chit Chat. Each club has its own yearly magazine/publication. Among them AUDRI of Notre Dame Science Club is the most famous. Nisarga, annual magazine of Notre Dame Nature Study Club is also worth mentioning. Notre Dame International Understanding and Relation Club (NDIURC) also publishes its own annual magazine titled 'Jogajog' with couple thousand circulations. From last few years Notre Dame Natya Dal has been publishing Mancha, a magazine depicts its activities and about theater, edited by Rajesh Singha Mithun. Notre Dame Math Club publishes a hand-designed scrap magazine called The Number, and the annual magazine called The Function on Pi Day.

Organization and administration[edit]

The college is managed by priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Dhaka. Since its establishment, ten priests have served as the principal of the college.

  • John J. Harrington (1949 - 1954)
  • James L. Martin (1954 - 1960)
  • Theotonius Amal Ganguly (March 1960 - October 1960)
  • William Graham (1960 - 1967)
  • John Vanden Bossche (1967 - 1969)
  • Joseph S.Peixotto (1969 - 1970)
  • Richard Timm (1970 - 1971)[13]
  • Ambrose Wheeler (1971 - 1976)
  • Joseph S.Peixotto (1976 - 1998)
  • Benjamin Costa (1998 - 2012)
  • Dr. Fr. Hemanto Pius Rozario[1] (2012 - present)

Among them, Father Timm is a renowned biologist and a winner of the 1987 Ramon Magsaysay award for International understanding. Father Timm is also the founder-moderator of Notre Dame Science Club and Notre Dame Debating Club.[13]

Notable alumni[edit]

Photo gallery[edit]

Administrative and Academic-Harrington Building
Ganguly Building
Ganguly Building
Ganguly Building
Father Timm Building
Father Timm Building
Fr. Peixotto Building
Basketball Ground
The road in front of the college on a rainy day

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