Notre Dame High School (Riverside, California)

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Notre Dame High School
7085 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, California 92506
United States
Coordinates 33°56′42″N 117°23′48″W / 33.94500°N 117.39667°W / 33.94500; -117.39667Coordinates: 33°56′42″N 117°23′48″W / 33.94500°N 117.39667°W / 33.94500; -117.39667
Type Private, Coeducational
Motto Cor Unum Et Anima Una
(One Heart, One Spirit)
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Patron saint(s) Mary, Mother of Jesus
Established 1956
School district Diocese of San Bernardino/Riverside
Superintendent Mrs. Patricia Vesley
CEEB code 052663
President Mr. Robert Beatty
Dean Mrs. Belinda Hines, Mr. Chris Johnson
Principal Mr. Matthew Luttringer
Chaplain Fr. Paul Schmidt
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 505
 • Grade 9 150
 • Grade 10 130
 • Grade 11 125
 • Grade 12 100
Average class size 18
Education system RCOE
Color(s) Green and Gold          
Athletics conference Ambassador League
Mascot Titan
Rival Aquinas High School
Accreditation Western Association of Schools and Colleges[1]
Newspaper The Standard
Tuition $6,990 (2011-2012)
Feeder schools St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Francis de Sales, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Thomas, St. Edward, St. James, Sacred Heart, St. George, St. Hyacinth Academy
Business Manager Mr. Ryan Johnston
Director of Classroom Innovation/Instruction Mr. Carlos Arce, Mrs. Roxana Losón
Director of Tuition Ms. Beverly Wilson
Athletic Director Mr. Ken Scott
Activities Director Mrs. Alexandria Arguelles
Director of Campus Ministry Mrs. Beth Rosales

Notre Dame High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Riverside, California. It is across the street from Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church on Arlington Avenue. It is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino.


Notre Dame is a secondary school founded in 1956 by the Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, as a Diocesan secondary school for boys. The first Principal was Reverend J.V. Sullivan, a Diocesan priest. In 1957 the administration of the school was taken over by the Holy Ghost Fathers, who staffed Notre Dame until 1970, at which time plans were drawn up to merge Notre Dame with St. Francis de Sales Girls High School. Notre Dame became a co-ed school at the start of the school year, in September 1972, under the direction of the Most Reverend Leo T. Maher, Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego.

In 1978, the Diocese of San Diego was divided and the new Diocese of San Bernardino was created with the Most Reverend Philip F. Straling as its first Bishop. Since the formation of the new Diocese, Notre Dame has become a self-sufficient high school with an enrollment of approximately 500 students.

In January 2016, Notre Dame began their 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration with the release of their new, limited edition, 60th Anniversary school crest.


Today, Notre Dame is an iPad school with renovated, state of the art technology, science, and fine art labs as well as a completely renovated campus with hallway charging stations. Notre Dame has gone through extensive campus renovations in the past four years and continue to renovate in an extensive manner, the summer of 2014 saw the installation of all new roofing and air conditioning throughout the whole campus and the summer of 2015 saw a $5,000,000 gym and locker room renovation. A theatre stage, coach offices, conference room, and 5 flat screen TV's were added to the gymnasium. The campus consists of four educational classroom buildings, A-D, as well as a library, Administration building, President's office, Dean's office, two conference rooms, gymnasium, boys and girls locker rooms, weight room, athletic office, athletic practice field, Student Services building, Student Life building, observatory, teacher training room, chapel, as well as a physics lab, biology lab, chemistry lab, technology lab, and art room. Lockers for all students are also available, located outside of the classroom buildings.

Faculty and staff[edit]

Notre Dame has a faculty and staff of around 55 highly educated, culturally and religiously diversified, and experienced teachers, administrators, staff, and counselors. Many of whom graduated from Notre Dame themselves. There are five teachers with doctorate degrees and more than twenty teachers and staff members that have worked at the school for over twenty years. Faculty and Staff gender breakdown consisting of 20 males and 35 females(2015). Ages of teachers spanning from 23 to 75 years of age.


Notre Dame offers two academic counselors in their Student Services department, headed by one of the assistant principals, Mrs. RaeAnna Ashton. 14 Honors and 15 AP classes are offered for all grades 9-12(2015). Several Honors courses being: Honors Algebra, Honors Biology, Honors English, Honors French, Honors Spanish, Honors Theology(Peer Ministry), Honors Human Anatomy, Honors Chemistry, etc. Several AP courses being: AP World History, AP US History, AP European History, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Spanish Language, AP English Language and Composition, AP Psychology, and AP Biology, etc. Acceptance into college rate being 100%. Academic Departments: Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, Foreign Language, Theology, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Technology.

Extra curricular[edit]

95% of Notre Dame students are active in some sort of extra curricular activity at school. Whether it be sports or one of the many clubs. Clubs being: Anime Club, Pro-Life Club, Community Service/Key Club, Finnegan's Wake Club, Chess Club, Theatre Guild, Associated Student Body(Student Government), Astronomy Club, Notre Dame Band, Mock Trial Society, Latin Club, Spanish Honor Society, French Honor Society, and National Honor Society.


Notre Dame sports teams play in the Ambassador League. Their sports consist of football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, track and field, swimming, water polo, cheerleading, golf, softball, tennis, and wrestling. They are rivals with Aquinas High School, another local private school. The annual football game between the two schools is known as the "Holy War." The school's mascot is a Titan.

Notable alumni[edit]

[3][better source needed]

Notes and references[edit]

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