Notre Dame du Bon Succès

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Notre Dame du Bon Succès - Brussels (by Ron Smith)

Notre Dame du Bon Succès is a wooden Madonna and Child in the Notre Dame du Finistère church in Brussels. Copies of this statue are known as Our Lady of Aberdeen in Scotland. The statue came to Brussels in 1625. It is believed that it was sent by William Laing, the Procurer for the King of Spain, from Aberdeen to Dunkirk. Its history before 1625 is based on uncertain records. From that date its story is well documented. The statue is made from oak and walnut. There is evidence of repairs from X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning. Copies of the Brussels Madonna and Child were made in 1895 for the Catholic Cathedral in Aberdeen and the Convent of the Sacred Heart at Queens Cross Aberdeen. It is believed that the Brussels statue came from a chapel at the north end of the Bridge of Dee in Aberdeen which was built between 1527 and 1530. Many myths and miracles have been associated with Notre Dame du Bon Succès. See McAleese (2013) below.


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