Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service
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Operational area
Country England
County Nottinghamshire
Agency overview
Chief Fire OfficerJohn Buckley
Facilities and equipment
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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service covering Nottinghamshire (including the unitary authority of Nottingham) in the East Midlands of England.

The City of Nottingham Fire Brigade and the Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade were created under the Fire Services Act 1947.

In 1974 the two brigades were merged. Since 1998 when Nottingham became a separate local government area, the service has been run by a joint fire authority made up of councillors from Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Fire Stations/Appliances[edit]

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
ET01 Mansfield Wholetime/Jump Crewed 1x RP, 1x CSU*, 1x FIU*, 1x ALP, 1x 4X4
ET02 Blidworth Retained 1x RP
ET03 London Road Wholetime 2x RP, 1x ALP, 1x 4X4
ET05 Ashfield Wholetime/Retained 2x RP, 1x F/WrC*, 1x PM+HVP*, 2x 4X4
ET06 Edwinstowe Wholetime 1x RP
ET07 Warsop Retained 1x RP, 1x ARU
ET08 Worksop Wholetime/Retained 2x RP, 1x 4X4
ET10 Harworth Retained 1x RP, 1x CRV
ET11 Misterton Retained 1x RP, 1x CRV
ET12 Retford Wholetime/Retained 2x RP, 1x 4X4
ET13 Tuxford Retained 1x RP, 2x PM* for: 1x HVHL, 1x MDD,
ET14 Southwell Retained 1x RP, 1x CRV
ET15 Collingham Retained 1x RP, 1x CRV
ET16 Newark Wholetime/Retained 2x RP, 1x FRU*, 1x SRU, 1x 4X4
ET17 Bingham Retained 1x RP
ET19 West Bridgford Wholetime 1x RP, 1x IRU*
ET20 Stockhill Wholetime 2x RP, 1x EPU*, 1x FESU, 1x 4X4
ET23 Stapleford Retained 1x RP, 1x ISU*
ET24 Eastwood Retained 1x RP
ET25 Hucknall Retained 1x RP
ET26 Arnold Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x RP, 1x CSU*, 1x 4X4
ET27 Carlton Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x RP, 1x 4X4
ET28 East Leake Retained 1x RP, 1x CRV, 1x ARU
ET29 Highfields Wholetime 1x RP, 1x SRU, 2x IRBt, 1x 4X4

Fire Appliance Glossary/Callsigns[edit]

  • Rescue Pump (RP): P1/P2
  • Foam/Water Carrier (F/WrC): W1
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Pump (PM+HVP): T9
  • Prime Mover + High Volume Hose Layer (PM+HVHL): T9
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): A1
  • Command Support Unit (CSU): C1
  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): H1
  • Breathing Apparatus Support Unit (BASU): S1
  • Fire & Emergency Support Unit (FESU): S1
  • Fire Investigation Unit (FIU)
  • Flood Response Unit (FRU): S1
  • Incident Support Unit (ISU): S1
  • Personnel Carrier (PC): T1
  • Co-Responder Vehicle (CRV): V1
  • Animal Rescue Unit (ARU): R1

Specialist Rescue Team:

  • Specialist Rescue Unit (SRU): R1
  • Rapid Response Unit (RRU): R2
  • General Purpose Vehicle (GPV): R3
  • Inshore Rescue Boat (IRBt): B1

CBRN Response:

  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): H9
  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Disrobe (PM+MDD): T9

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