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Cover of a volume of the Nouveau Larousse illustré

The Nouveau Larousse illustré (New Larousse Illustrated) was an illustrated French language encyclopedia published by Éditions Larousse between 1897 and 1904, in 7 volumes and a supplement. It was essentially a scaled-down version of the Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe siècle (Great universal dictionary of the 19th century) of Pierre Larousse, but updated and written in a more neutral, scientific style under the editorship of Claude Augé (1854−1924).[1]

The encyclopedia consisted of 7,600 pages containing 237,000 articles, with 49,000 black and white illustrations, over 500 maps and 89 colour plates.[1]

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  • Online copies of Nouveau Larousse illustré (1897-1904) at the Internet Archive:
Volume From To
Volume 1 A Bello
Volume 2 Belloc Ch
Volume 3 Ci D
Volume 4 E G
Volume 5 H Meld
Volume 6 Mele Po
Volume 7 Pr Z
Supplement A Z