Nouveau Riche (Philadelphia band)

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Nouveau Riche
Origin United States
Genres Postgenre
Years active 2005–2008
Labels None
Associated acts The Roots, Lupe Fiasco
Members Nikki Jean
Dice Raw
Khari M.
Joe B.
Dom A.

Nouveau Riche was a Philadelphia based music group[1] led by Dice Raw and Nikki Jean.[2]

An EP was released in 2008, called the Nouveau Riche Longtail EP, downloadable for free on the group's official Myspace page, and has managed to obtain considerable success all over the Internet.[3]

The band was also nominated for the 2007 Okayplayer Music Awards in the Rookie of the Year Category but lost to Gym Class Heroes.

After releasing a second EP for free through their Myspace page in 2008 which was titled Free Money EP, the band announced that they'd break up and that "Nouveau Riche is no more".



  • Nouveau Riche Longtail EP
  • Free Money EP

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