Nouvelle Action Royaliste

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New Royalist Action
Nouvelle Action Royaliste
General Director Yvan Aumont
Political Director Bertrand Renouvin
Founded 1971 (1971) (as NAF)
1978; 40 years ago (1978) (as NAR)
Split from French Action
Headquarters 38, rue Sibuets 75012 Paris
Newspaper Lys rouge
Ideology Monarchism (Orleanism)
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation None
International affiliation International Monarchist Conference
European Parliament group No MEPs
Colours          Black, white
National Assembly
0 / 577
0 / 348
European Parliament
0 / 74

The New Royalist Action (French: Nouvelle Action Royaliste, NAR), is a monarchist (Orléanist) political movement marked by a will to found a constitutional monarchy in France.


The movement has its roots in Action Française, the major French monarchist movement before World War II, which was re-formed by Maurice Pujo in 1947 around the movement Restoration Nationale. In 1971 a breakaway movement, the Nouvelle Action Française was established by Bertrand Renouvin. Soon, the name of this movement was changed to Nouvelle Action Royaliste; Renouvin, arguably “France's most prominent [...] and reasonable monarchist″[1] is the group's president. The NAR publish in particular a historical review entitled Le Lys rouge and a political semi-monthly Royaliste.


The members of the NAR are sometimes described as "royalists of the left", due to close relations to certain ideas defended by the parties of the left.[2] Its leader, Bertrand Renouvin appealed to his supporters to vote for Socialist François Mitterrand in both the 1981 and 1988 presidential elections. In November 1989, the NAR joined the 89 pour l'égalité movement, which campaigned to get voting rights for immigrants[3] alongside SOS Racisme.[4] At the time of the 2002 presidential elections, Renouvin chose to support the candidature of Jean-Pierre Chevènement,[5] the only souverainist able in Renouvin's view to gather the good will of both left and right for the purpose of regaining France her position in the world.

The ideas of NAR are characterized by souverainism, anti-liberalism and anti-Americanism. They are economically Keynesian. The NAR appealed to vote against the European Constitution in the referendum of 29 May 2005.

The organization is member of the International Monarchist Conference.


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