Nova Iguaçu level crossing disaster

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This article is about the level crossing crash of 1951. For the rail accident of 2007 which also happened in Nova Iguaçu, see 2007 Rio de Janeiro train crash.
Nova Iguaçu level crossing disaster
Date June 7, 1951
Time 4:25 a.m.
Location Nova Iguaçu
Country Brazil
Operator Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil
Type of incident Level crossing collision
Cause stalled vehicle
Trains 1
Deaths 54
Injuries 44

The Nova Iguaçu level crossing disaster occurred on June 7, 1951 at 4:25 in the morning when an electric train struck a gasoline truck on a level crossing near Nova Iguacu, twenty miles north of Rio de Janeiro, killing 54 people.

The Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil company's train was travelling from Belém, and its five steel cars were full of early morning commuters heading for Rio. The truck, which carried 4,500 gallons of gasoline, had stalled on the level crossing. When the train struck the tanker exploded; many of the passengers were burnt alive; some were still sitting in their seats, while others piled up by the doors. In all 54 people were killed and 44 more injured.


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