Nova Makedonija

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Нова Македонија
Nova Makedonija
NovaMakedonija 02.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Retro Print DOOEL
Editor Ratko Lazarevski
Founded 1944-1996
Headquarters 16 Makedonska brigade 18
Skopje, Macedonia
Logo of Nova Makedonija

Nova Makedonija (New Macedonia, Macedonian: Нова Македонија) is the oldest daily newspaper in the Republic of Macedonia. It was established with decision of the presidium of ASNOM.

The first edition of Nova Makedonija came out on 29 October 1944, in Gorno Vranovci, and constitutes the first document written after the codification of Standard Macedonian.

The unsuccessful privatisation of Nova Makedonija in 1994-96 led to the disappearance of all its print outlets from the market, and the later entry of WAZ as the main foreign investor, with a resulting strong concentration in the print media sector (90% in 2003). WAZ withdrew in 2012, selling its publications to local investors.[1]:17

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