Nova Scotia Highway 113

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Highway 113
Nova Scotia 113-Map.png
LocationHalifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia
ProposerDepartment of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Type4-lane expressway
StakeholdersGovernment of Nova Scotia, residents of Halifax Regional Municipality
SupportersBusinesses and residents from the South Shore region of Nova Scotia.
OpponentsEnvironmentalists, residents of Halifax Regional Municipality
Geometry9.9 km (6.2 mi) in length

Highway 113 is a proposed freeway in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.


It's been planned since 1989.

A focus report on the highway's construction was submitted by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal on March 31, 2006. Engineering plans and an environmental impact assessment have been completed. Although no funding has been approved for construction to begin, the provincial government has opted to begin purchasing land required in order to preserve the right of way for the proposed highway.

The proposed highway would be 9.9 km (6.2 mi) in length and run from Highway 103 near exit 4 in Hubley in the west to Highway 102 near exit 3 in Bedford in the east.[1] Such an alignment would allow traffic currently using the uncontrolled access Highway 213, known as the Hammonds Plains Road, to bypass the communities of Stillwater Lake, Hammonds Plains and Bedford.


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