Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League

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Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League
Sport Baseball
Founded 1977
No. of teams 5
Country  Canada
Most recent
Sydney Sooners
Most titles Dartmouth Moosehead Dry (19)
Official website Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League

The Nova Scotia Senior Baseball League is an amateur baseball league located in Nova Scotia. The league is the highest level of amateur baseball in the province, it is for players 18 and over. The league champion traditionally represents Nova Scotia at the following year's Canadian Senior Baseball Championships (the Nationals are in August while league playoffs are in September). An exception was in 2005 when the league sent an all-star team to the Nationals.


Team Centre
Dartmouth Moosehead Dry Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Halifax Pelham Canadians Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kentville Wildcats Kentville, Nova Scotia
Sydney Sooners Sydney, Nova Scotia
Truro Bearcats Truro, Nova Scotia

Former teams[edit]

  • Bible Hill Blacksox
  • Charlottetown (PE)
  • Fredericton Schooners (NB)
  • Louisdale
  • Moncton Mets (NB)
  • Morell (PE)
  • New Waterford
  • Sydney Mines Ramblers
  • Liverpool
  • Sackville Chiefs
  • St. Peter's Royals
  • Summerside (PE)
  • Yarmouth Gateways

Notable players[edit]

  • Richie Walcott, of the Sydney Sooners, played professional hockey for 10 seasons, including in the American Hockey League and East Coast Hockey League.
  • Fredericton's Matt Stairs was NSSBL MVP in 1987 and 1988. He was also tied for the league lead in saves, with Dartmouth Moosehead Drys rookie Brian Davidge, in 87.
  • Dartmouth's Davey "Haliwood" Wallace, notable for his short fuse and infield power, would be in the Show if not for his High School coach "screwing him over."

League champions[edit]

Year Champion
1977 Yarmouth Gateways
1978 Yarmouth Gateways
1979 Yarmouth Gateways
1980 Kentville Wildcats
1981 Kentville Wildcats
1982 Sydney Sooners
1983 Sydney Sooners
1984 No League
1985 Halifax Capitals
1986 Halifax Capitals
1987 Moncton Mets
1988 Moncton Mets
1989 Sydney Sooners
1990 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1991 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1992 Halifax Pelham Electric
1993 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1994 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1995 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1996 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1997 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1998 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
1999 Kentville Wildcats
2000 Kentville Wildcats
2001 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2002 Truro Bearcats
2003 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2004 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2005 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2006 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2007 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2008 Halifax Pelham Canadians
2009 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2010 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2011 Halifax Pelham Canadians
2012 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2013 Sydney Sooners
2014 Sydney Sooners
2015 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2016 Dartmouth Moosehead Dry
2017 Sydney Sooners

Single season records[edit]

Single Season Records player
earned run average' Ralph Chambers (Moncton) 0.47 (1986)
runs batted in Bruce Joshua (Truro) 79 (1996)
wins Brad Miller (Dartmouth) 12 (1999)
doubles Jay Turple (Halifax) 20(2004) and Jay Washington(Dartmouth) 20(1996)
strikeouts Hugh Fraser (Kentville) 125 (1980)
hits Joel Irvine (Dartmouth) 75 (1997)
batting average Joel Irvine (Dartmouth) .547 (1997)
innings pitched Brad Miller (Dartmouth) 106.6 (1999)
runs Sandy Van Blarcom (Kentville) 62 (1982)
saves Ray Powell (Halifax) 8 (1986)
home runs Richie Mann (St.Peters) 17 (1977)
strikeouts in one game Ken Power (Sydney) 22 (1982)
stolen bases Joel Irvine (Dartmouth) 37 (2000)
consecutive wins (team) Dartmouth Moosehead Dry 19 (2002)
home runs in one game Greg West (Dartmouth) 4 (1996)
best winning percent in regular season Dartmouth Moosehead Dry .867 (2002)
consecutive game hitting streak Joel Irvine (Dartmouth) 35 (1997)
  • A no hitter was thrown on July 29, 2014 by Halifax's Brandon Mackinnon against the Kentville Wildcats. The previous no hitter thrown in the league was thrown by Halifax's Mark Haverstock vs. The now defunct Sackville Chiefs in 2005.

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