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Trunk 3 shield

Trunk 3
Lighthouse Route
Route information
Maintained by Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Major junctions
East end Halifax
  Nova Scotia 33.svg Route 349 / Route 333 / Hwy 103 / Trunk 33 in Halifax
Hwy 103 in Timberlea
Route 213 in Upper Tantallon
Route 329 near Hubbards
Route 329 near East River
Trunk 14 near Robinsons Corner
Trunk 12 near Chester Basin
Route 325 near Mahone Bay
Route 324 / Route 332 / Trunk 32 near Lunenburg
Route 332 / Trunk 32 in Uppe LaHave
Route 331 / Trunk 31 in Bridgewater
Hwy 103 near Conquerall
Route 331 / Trunk 31 near Mill Village
Hwy 103 near Brooklyn
Trunk 8 in Bristol
Hwy 103 near Summerville Centre
Hwy 103 in Sable River
Hwy 103 in Jordan Falls
Hwy 103 near Shelburne
Route 203 in Shelburne
Hwy 103 near Birchtown
Route 309 in Clyde River
Hwy 103 near Barrington
Route 309 in Barrington
Nova Scotia 30.svg Route 330 / Trunk 30 near McGrey
Route 335 / Trunk 35 in Pubnico
Hwy 103 in Argyle
Hwy 103 in Glenwood
Route 308 in Tusket
Route 334 / Trunk 34 in Arcadia
Hwy 101 in Yarmouth
West end Trunk 1 in Yarmouth
Counties Halifax, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Halifax Regional Municipality, Chester Municipal District, Lunenburg Municipal District, Region of Queens Municipality, Municipality of the District of Shelburne
Municipality of the District of Barrington
Municipality of the District of Yarmouth, Municipality of Argyle
Towns Yarmouth, Shelburne, Lockeport, Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay
Highway system

Provincial highways in Nova Scotia

Trunk 2Trunk 4

Nova Scotia Trunk 3 is an east-west trunk highway in Nova Scotia. The route runs from Halifax to Yarmouth, along the South Shore. Trunk 3's status as an important regional highway link has been superseded by the parallel Highway 103.

Route description[edit]

View of Trunk 3 as it passes through Chester Basin, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

The eastern terminus of Trunk 3 on provincial maps is at the Armdale Roundabout in Halifax. Travelling inbound from the traffic circle along Quinpool Road, Trunk 3 continues to be marked with "3 INBOUND" signs until just before Quinpool Road's intersection with Connaught Avenue. The sign "3 ENDS" marks the signed eastern terminus of the route. Traveling outbound from the traffic circle Trunk 3 formally proceeded west using the name St. Margaret's Bay Road and passed through Timberlea and Upper Tantallon. The St. Margaret's Bay Road section was closed in July 2017 due to construction. The road will reopen when work is done by June 2028.

The road follows the coast of St. Margarets Bay, passing through Hubbards. It crosses the isthmus of the Aspotogan Peninsula to reach Chester. West of Chester, Trunk 3 follows the shore of Mahone Bay to reach the town of the same name. The highway then turns southeast to the town of Lunenburg, enters the town following Maple Street, Falkland Street and Victoria Road, before continuing westward to the town of Bridgewater.

Leaving Bridgewater to the southwest, Trunk 3 intersects Highway 103 at exit 14. Trunk 3 is no longer signed in some portions between Bridgewater and Barrington, as Highway 103 assumed some of its former route in the 1970s. Trunk 3 "re-appears" as the main street and approaches to some towns that Highway 103 has bypassed, including the Liverpool, Lockeport and Shelburne areas.

Nova Scotia 103.svg

At Barrington, Trunk 3 departs the 103. The highway closely follows the coast of the Barrington Passage and the Gulf of Maine to reach the Pubnico area, then continuing north along the coast to Argyle. The highway turns west through Tusket to reach its western end at Yarmouth where it meets the Highway 101 and Trunk 1 and.

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Nova Scotia 101.svg
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Trunk 2
Trunk 3
Nova Scotia
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