Novar plc

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Novar plc
Fate Acquired by Honeywell
Founded 1921
Defunct 1 April 2005
Headquarters Weybridge, Surrey, England, UK

Novar plc was an international building supplies group based in the United Kingdom. It was bought by Honeywell in 2005, and its activities merged into Honeywell.


The company was established as Allied Tin Box in 1921 and renamed Metal Box & Printing Industries in 1922.[1] By 1967 it was producing 77% of the metal cans in the United Kingdom.[1] It underwent further name changes to MB Group in 1988 and to MB-Caradon in 1989.[2] It went on to become Caradon plc in 1993 and Novar in 2001.[3]

After an unsuccessful bid by Melrose Industries in 2004 it was bought by Honeywell in 2005.[4]


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