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A Novelty Show is a competition or display in which exhibits or specimens are in some novel; striking or differing in some way from that which is usual for the type of competition.

For instance a novelty dog show might contain categories (classes) which are humorous, or for pets, instead of or in addition to the conformation classes. Photo competitions can be considered novelty shows.

Some typical novelty classes are "cat/owner look-alike", "dog with the most spots", "smallest/largest/fattest/thinnest" dog, "dog in fancy dress" and the like.[original research?] One of the most famous "novelty shows" is the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

In the UK a dog rescue in Sussex called Allsorts Dog Rescue Society runs a Novelty Dog show which is claimed to be the largest Novelty Dog Show in the world. It is called The Golden Dog Show or The Giant Golden Dog Show. Held annually at Albourne Equestrian Centre near Hassocks in England at the end of September it features numerous rings and classes for all kinds of dogs. In 2010 it featured 4 rings with 63 unique classes. In 2011 it grew to 6 rings, with 80 unique classes, dog long jumping and dog racing. All held on one day in one location. It also features a staggering number of trophies given out. In 2010, 67 trophies were handed out along with 329 rosettes. In 2011 this has risen to 87 trophies and 422 rosettes. The show is held annually to raise funds for Allsorts Dog Rescue.