Tornado outbreak of November 14–16, 2011

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Tornado outbreak of November 14–16, 2011
Type Tornado outbreak
Duration November 14–16, 2011
Tornadoes confirmed 23
Max rating1 EF2 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 3 days
Highest winds
  • Tornadic – 130 mph (210 km/h)
    (Laurel, MS EF2 on November 15)
Damage $37,500,000
Casualties 5 fatalities, many injuries
Areas affected Southeastern United States

1Most severe tornado damage; see Enhanced Fujita scale 2Time from first tornado to last tornado

Part of the tornado outbreaks of 2011

The tornado outbreak of November 14–16, 2011 was a relatively small but deadly tornado outbreak that began on November 14th of 2011, and ended on November 16.[1] The outbreak produced a total of 23 tornadoes. None of the tornadoes were stronger than EF2 in intensity, however they resulted in 5 deaths and numerous injuries. The worst damage occurred in the South and along the East Coast. All the deaths occurred in The Carolinas.

Meteorological synopsis[edit]

November 14[edit]

On November 14th, the National Weather Service issued a slight risk for severe weather across parts of the Midwestern United States. The outlook area included a 10% risk for tornadoes, some of which were predicted to be strong. Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio were expected to be hit hard. However, the storms quickly became linear after initiating, limiting tornadic potential. Four tornadoes touched down, only 2 of which were in the area that was forecasted for a high tornado threat. These two tornadoes were relatively weak (rated EF1), but one of them passed through downtown Paoli, Indiana without warning, and caused considerable damage. The other two tornadoes touched down unexpectedly in upstate New York and caused EF2 damage.[2] This event was for the most part a straight line wind event.

November 15[edit]

Tornado activity continued on the 15th across the Southern States. A total of 7 tornadoes touched down, some of which caused considerable damage, especially in Louisiana and Mississippi. The strongest tornado was rated an EF2 and destroyed multiple homes near Laurel, Mississippi, and injured 15 people. Another tornado near Tangipahoa, Louisiana badly damaged a home and pushed it several feet off of its foundation.

November 16[edit]

Widespread tornado activity was initially not expected on November 16th. However, a series of supercell thunderstorms developed across the South and produced multiple tornadoes. Tornadoes began touching down across Alabama that afternoon and moved eastward. One long track tornado touched down in Auburn, Alabama and tracked across the Georgia state line into the Hamilton area. This tornado caused EF2 damage in Auburn, Opelika, and Hamilton. A killer tornado later touched down near Rock Hill, South Carolina, and caused severe damage and 3 fatalities. Another destructive EF2 tornado touched down east of Linwood, North Carolina, where numerous homes and businesses were destroyed, 2 people were killed, and numerous people were trapped in destroyed structures and required rescue.[3] A total of 12 tornadoes touched down this day.


Confirmed tornadoes by Enhanced Fujita rating
EFU EF0 EF1 EF2 EF3 EF4 EF5 Total
0 6 10 7 0 0 0 23

November 14 event[edit]

List of reported tornadoes – Monday, November 14, 2011
Time (UTC)
Path length
New York
EF2 Fredonia area Chautauqua 42°27′N 79°26′W / 42.45°N 79.43°W / 42.45; -79.43 (Fredonia (Nov. 14, EF2)) 2154 4.6 miles (7.4 km) Tornado began on Lake Erie and moved on shore. Many trees and multiple utility poles were snapped. A garage and a barn were destroyed and two homes suffered roof damage. One garage was destroyed as well.
EF2 Westfield area Chautauqua 42°18′N 79°35′W / 42.30°N 79.59°W / 42.30; -79.59 (Westfield (Nov. 14, EF2)) 2205 3 miles (4.8 km) Trees were snapped and twisted. Outbuildings, barns, and a home were destroyed along an intermittent damage path. Multiple power poles were snapped as well and a few people were injured.
EF1 Paoli Orange 38°34′N 86°28′W / 38.56°N 86.47°W / 38.56; -86.47 (Paoli (Nov. 14, EF1)) 0032 2 miles (3.2 km) Considerable damage to buildings in downtown Paoli, and street signs were bent. A barn was destroyed and several buildings and outbuildings had their roofs severely damaged or removed.
EF1 Lake of the Woods Champaign 40°11′N 88°24′W / 40.19°N 88.40°W / 40.19; -88.40 (Lake of the Woods (Nov. 14, EF1)) 1908 Unknown One house was damaged and multiple trees were downed.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 11/14/11, NWS Buffalo, NWS Louisville

November 15 event[edit]

List of reported tornadoes – Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF1 NE of Greensburg St. Helena 30°53′N 90°37′W / 30.88°N 90.61°W / 30.88; -90.61 (Greensburg (Nov. 15, EF1)) 0840 0.5 miles (0.80 km) One home was damaged.
EF1 W of Tangipahoa Terrebonne 30°53′N 90°32′W / 30.88°N 90.53°W / 30.88; -90.53 (Tangipahoa (Nov. 15, EF1)) 0914 Unknown A two-story home was pushed 10 feet (3.0 m) from its foundation and received roof and wall damage and a semi trailer was blown 50 feet. Other homes received minor damage.
EF0 SE of Houma Terrebonne 29°34′N 90°42′W / 29.57°N 90.70°W / 29.57; -90.70 (Houma (Nov. 15, EF0)) 0936 Unknown Windows blown out at Ellender Memorial High School and several structures damaged. Shingles were torn from roofs as well.
EF1 N of Columbia Marion, Jefferson Davis 31°23′N 89°48′W / 31.39°N 89.80°W / 31.39; -89.80 (Columbia (Nov. 15, EF1)) 1011 11 miles (18 km) A 0.25 mi (400 m) wide tornado downed numerous trees near Bunker Hill. A few sheds were destroyed.
EF1 SE of Hebron Jones unknown 1103 2 miles (3.2 km) Several trees were knocked down and a large house suffered roof damage. Two outbuildings were damaged.
EF2 NW of Laurel Jones, Jasper 31°46′N 89°14′W / 31.77°N 89.23°W / 31.77; -89.23 (Laurel (Nov. 15, EF2)) 1107 12 miles (19 km) Homes collapsed with people trapped inside. Several mobile homes were completely destroyed and brick and frame homes and commercial buildings suffered moderate to major damage. Numerous utility poles were downed and trees suffered extensive damage. Three chicken houses were also destroyed. At least fifteen people sustained injuries, most of them minor.
EF0 NW of Cleveland San Jacinto unknown 2021 unknown Tornado touched down over a pasture with no damage.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 11/15/11, NWS Jackson, MS

November 16 event[edit]

List of reported tornadoes – Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF2 Whitfield area Sumter 32°22′N 88°05′W / 32.36°N 88.08°W / 32.36; -88.08 (Whitfield (Nov. 16, EF2)) 1307 1.5 miles (2.4 km) One house was destroyed and seven more were damaged. Hundreds of trees were snapped or uprooted. One person was injured.
EF0 Demopolis area Marengo 32°29′N 87°51′W / 32.48°N 87.85°W / 32.48; -87.85 (Demopolis (Nov. 16, EF0)) 1332 2.57 miles (4.14 km) About 20 houses and several businesses sustained minor damage.
EF1 Montgomery Montgomery 32°23′N 86°13′W / 32.39°N 86.21°W / 32.39; -86.21 (Montgomery (Nov. 16, EF1)) 1708 0.9 miles (1.4 km) Tornado touched down on the northeast side of the city with damage to Alabama Christian Academy, primarily the football field there. Several mobile homes were heavily damaged and a business was also damaged.
EF2 Notasulga/Auburn area Macon, Lee, Harris (GA) 32°32′N 85°39′W / 32.53°N 85.65°W / 32.53; -85.65 (Notasulga (Nov. 16, EF2)) 1752 59.4 miles (95.6 km) Long-lived tornado destroyed or damaged dozens of homes and businesses in Auburn. Many mobile homes were destroyed and vehicles were flipped at a mobile home park. An apartment complex was badly damaged, boat houses were destroyed, and hundreds of trees were snapped in the area. Damage was also reported on the Auburn University campus, where a veterinary school was damaged and two horses were fatally injured. The tornado crossed into Georgia where damage occurred to numerous homes, the Harris County School Complex, the county's 911 center, and several other structures. Three people were injured.
North Carolina
EF1 NE of Shelby Cleveland 35°19′N 81°30′W / 35.32°N 81.50°W / 35.32; -81.50 (Shelby (Nov. 16, EF1)) 2218 0.33 miles (530 m) Brief tornado with minor damage to two houses and several trees.
EF2 E of Linwood Davidson, Randolph 35°44′N 80°13′W / 35.73°N 80.21°W / 35.73; -80.21 (Linwood (Nov. 16, EF2)) 2305 12.5 miles (20.1 km) 2 deaths – Significant structural damage to many buildings in the area, including a gas station and a restaurant. Numerous homes were destroyed, vehicles were tossed, and trees were snapped. One house was leveled but was not attached to the foundation. A game arcade building was completely destroyed.
EF0 NE of Como Hertford 36°32′N 77°07′W / 36.53°N 77.11°W / 36.53; -77.11 (Como (Nov. 16, EF0)) 1114 1.6 miles (2.6 km) Tornado snapped trees and overturned two tractor trailers. Soybean crop was damaged as well.
South Carolina
EF2 SW of Rock Hill York 34°50′N 81°11′W / 34.83°N 81.18°W / 34.83; -81.18 (Rock Hill (Nov. 16, EF2)) 2225 5.7 miles (9.2 km) 3 deaths – Multiple homes and mobile homes were destroyed in the area, vehicles were flipped, and numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. Barns and outbuildings were destroyed as well. Two fatalities were in mobile homes, the other fatality was in a secure, brick home. Five others were injured. The tornado decimated hundreds of acres of woodland.
EF0 E of Union Union 34°41′N 81°30′W / 34.68°N 81.50°W / 34.68; -81.50 (Union (Nov. 16, EF0)) 2306 200 yards (180 m) Brief tornado caused minor roof damage to a house and damaged a barn.
EF0 Savannah River Site Aiken Unknown Unknown Unknown Brief tornado downed a few trees and power lines.
EF1 S of Dry Fork Pittsylvania 36°43′N 79°25′W / 36.72°N 79.42°W / 36.72; -79.42 (Dry Fork (Nov. 16, EF1)) 2355 2.3 miles (3.7 km) Two homes sustained roof damage and numerous trees were snapped or uprooted.
EF1 SSE of Dixie Union Ware 31°16′N 82°26′W / 31.27°N 82.44°W / 31.27; -82.44 (Dixie Union (Nov. 16, EF1)) 0140 unknown A gazebo, a porch and carports were damaged. One mobile home was pushed off of its foundation and a shed was destroyed as well.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports for 11/16/11, NWS Birmingham, AL, NWS Peachtree City, NWS Columbia, NWS Raleigh


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