November 2010 Baghdad bombings

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November 2010 Baghdad bombings
A satellite image of Baghdad, Iraq, where the attacks occurred
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Date 2 November 2010
Weapons Car bombs, roadside bombs
Deaths 57-62[1]
Non-fatal injuries

The November 2010 Baghdad bombings occurred on 2 November 2010, when between 57 and 62 people[1] were killed and more than 300 people were wounded after a series of ten bomb explosions in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. It was reported that explosions occurred in seven neighborhoods, and many of the explosions were car bombs, although at least one was a roadside bomb.[2]

While reports on the number of dead vary, reports suggest that 62 were killed, although the Interior Ministry confirmed that 57 people were killed overall.[1] An official said: "Ten cars exploded with bombs inside them. There were also four roadside bombs and two sticky bombs."[1] The majority of the explosions occurred in populated areas, including near restaurants.[2] At least 15 were killed in one attack, in Sadr City.