November Rain (2014 film)

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Aayush Dhongade
Directed byDinesh Raut
Produced byAaryan Sigdel
Subash Giri
Written byChetan Gurung
StarringAaryan Sigdel
Namrata Shrestha
Chulthim Dolma
Music byTara Prakash Limbu
CinematographyRajesh Singh
Edited bySurendra Paudel
Akki Sharma(VFX)
Release date
  • April 14, 2014 (2014-04-14)

November Rain is a Nepali language film directed by Dinesh Raut and produced by Aaryan Sigdel and Sunil Giri. The movie features unusual rain in November that brings change in life of Aayush (Aaryan Sigdel) and Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha).[1] It was released in 2014 worldwide.[2]


Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha) was a heart patient from birth. In order to save her and keep her last wish of life, Dr. Sharma (Sheetal's Dad) played by Amitesh Shah, illegally swaps the heart of Sheetal with Aayush (Aaryan Sigdel) who was born the same day claiming Aayush dead to his real parents. However, a nurse adopts Aayush and raises him in Dharan. After the death of the nurse, Aayush faces the truth that she is not his real mother and travels all way Kathmandu to find Dr. Sharma and reveal the truth.

Dalli (Chulthim Dolma), the one-sided lover of Aayush, follows him to Kathmandu where she assists Aayush in helping his real parents who were living in hard times and were in debt. Helping his real parents from their financial difficulty, Aayush figures out that his life is soon going to be fullstopped.

Sheetal and Aayush who had fallen for each other (unknown of their prior history) Once Aayush is known of the truth, he ignores Sheetal in any possible way. However, Sheetal couldn't get rid of her feeling and later, when she figures out the actual reason Aayush was ignoring her, Aayush is already approaching towards death .

Aayush's leaves a huge pain for both Sheetal and Dalli and whenever it rains they lose themselves in the rain in memory of their beloved Aayush.


  • Aryan Sigdel as Aayush
  • Namrata Shrestha as Sheetal
  • Chulthim Dolma as Dalli
  • Amitesh Shah as Dr. Sharma

Critical Response[edit]

November Rain earned about 20 lakhs from its opening day.The gross tolled to 65 lakhs in just 2 days. November rain was critically acclaimed by the public. November rain received positive reviews and went on to gross more than 2 crore[3]


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