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Novindus is a fictional continent on Midkemia, a world created by Raymond E. Feist. It is the second largest continent on Midkemia with a variety of landscapes. It is to the west of the Triagia across the Endless Sea and to the east across the Sea of Tears. The shape of the continent looks very much like India. The people of the Kingdom learned of the existence of the continent in Magician, and first travelled to it after the destructive attacks on Crydee and its dependents described in The King's Buccaneer.

Novindus is not a single nation, rather it is a collection of city-states which are spread out across the continent. The lands between are held by no one. There are few standing armies. Mercenary bands are normally hired to protect cargoes as they are shipped between cities. Its culture is similar to ancient Indian and ancient African of Earth.

The Eastlands[edit]

The Vedra River flows from the Sothu Mountains into the Bay of Maharta, which is off the Blue Sea. The Forest of Askren is north of the Vedra River and the Mountains of the Sea. The Sumanu Mountains are in the north with Serpent Lake. Serpent Lake empties into the Serpent River that flows through the Forest of Askren and into the Blue Sea.

The Hotlands[edit]

The Hotlands are a vast desert which takes three days to cross on foot. It can be accessed from the Blue Sea by climbing the Great Cliffs. It is to the east of the Serpent River and Sumanu Mountains and north of the Forest of Askren. This is where the shipwrecked crew in The King's Buccaneer landed.

Cities of the Eastlands[edit]

  • Hamsa
  • Kilbar
  • Khaipur
  • Lanada
  • Maharta
  • City of the Serpent River
  • Shingazi's Landing

The Riverlands[edit]

East of the Ratn'Gary Mountains, home of the Pavilion of the Gods, is the Great South Forest. The River Dee flows from the Ratn'Gary Mountains into the Blue Sea. The Satpura River flows from the Forest of Irabek through the northern tip of the Ratn'Gary Mountains and empties into the Blue Sea north of the River Dee. The Plain of the Djams is bordered by the Satpura River to the south and the Vedra River to the north.

Cities of the Riverlands[edit]

  • Port Grief
  • Palamds
  • Chaisthan
  • Ispar

The Westlands[edit]

The Sothu mountains, the Forest of Irabek, and the Ratn'Gary Mountains separate the Westlands from the rest of the continent. The Manstra River flows through the Horsehead Cape into the Green Sea. The Horsehead Cape forms the Bay of Sulth with the mainland.

Cities of the Westlands[edit]

  • Sulth
  • Irabek
  • Point Punt
  • Westbury


Novindus is inhabited by men, dwarves, elves, the Pantathians, and tiger men. The Pantathians, servants of the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, believed they could return their creator through the use of the Lifestone, which led to the Great Uprising and the events described in The Serpent War Saga. The tiger men were servants of the Valheru Draken-Korin and live in the great south forest.

The Pavilion of the Gods[edit]

The Pavilion of the Gods is located in the Ratn'Gary Mountains in the southern tip of Novindus. This Pavilion is the gateway to the realm of the dead. Of all the people on Midkemia to enter only Kaspar, former Duke of Olasko; Pug; Tomas; and Magnus, Pug's son, have safely returned from the realm of the dead. There is a gateway here so that mortals can talk to the gods, however it is guarded and few are ever allowed to pass into the gateway.

Map link[edit]

Map of Novindus