Novolazarevskaya Station

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Novolazarevskaya station in 2006.

Novolazarevskaya Station (Russian: Станция Новолазаревская) is a Russian, formerly Soviet, Antarctic research station. The station is located at Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, 75 km from the Antarctic coast, from which it is separated by Lazarev Ice Shelf. It was opened on January 18, 1961 by the 6th Soviet Antarctic Expedition. The maximum summer population is 70.

Novolazarevskaya has an airstrip that serves both research-related and commercial flights. In 2010 GLONASS differential reference station started to work in Novolazarevskaya. The reference station also provides Internet to Novolazarevsklaya personnel.

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Coordinates: 70°46′37″S 11°49′26″E / 70.77694°S 11.82389°E / -70.77694; 11.82389