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Number of locations
43 countries
Key people
Johann Graf, founder, owner and president
Revenue5.0 billion (2018)
€359 million (2012)
154,400,000 euro (2016) Edit this on Wikidata
Total assets3,668,200,000 euro (2016) Edit this on Wikidata
Number of employees
23,849 (2016) Edit this on Wikidata

Novomatic is an international gambling company, founded by the billionaire Johann Graf in 1980.[1]

For the year 2018, total revenue was Euro 5.0 billion.[2] The company has offices in 43 countries and also operate casinos, including in locations such as Berlin and Santiago, Chile.[1] The Novomatic Group consists of a three holding companies.[3]

In June 2016, Novomatic bought the UK gambling company Talarius from the Australian Tatts Group.[4]

Instant win and digital scratchcard provider, Gamevy, formed a partnership with Novomatic subsidiary, Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS), in November 2016. The tie-up presents NLS with an opportunity to focus on "the broader lottery demographic".[5][6][7]


Johann Graf initially partnered with Gerhard Brodnik in the 1970s to start Brodnik & Graf, a company that was importing pinball machines from Belgium. In 1980, Brodnik decided to quit, and Graf oriented towards producing gaming machines under the Admiral brand. A number of Admiral branded casinos were opened.[a] Novomatic expanded globally during the decade and vastly improved the technology. It was among the first gaming equipment manufacturers to use touch screen technology. Novomatic operates in over 80 countries and has more than 30,000 employees.[12]

Notable acquisitions[edit]

In 2010, Novomatic expanded into online gaming business by acquiring controlling stake in London based Greentube studio. Greentube, in addition to their original content, is the main online publisher of already established Novomatic slot games.[13] Greentube then purchased Canadian based Bluebat Games studio in 2015 to further expand its online presence.[14]

In 2018 Novomatic completed the purchase of 52% of Australian gaming equipment maker Ainsworth Game Technology Limited for around 300 million Euros. That was Novomatic's largest acquisition since the acquisition of Greentube in 2010.[15]


  • The Novomatic subsidiary G. Matica had not installed the accounting system for the mandatory networking of machines with the Italian tax authorities and was sentenced in 2012 to a fine of 150 million euros. Novomatic considered the claim as "completely unjustified" and appealed against the first instance decision. In June 2014, Novomatic paid a settlement amount of € 47.5 million.[16]


  1. ^ For example, the Austrian Russian Joint Venture JV Neva Chance was a St. Petersburg casino registered in May 1992 and established in 1993.[8] Its co-owners were Novomatic with nearly all its shares and "Neva-Chance" (AOZT "Casino") which had the same address as Vladimir Putin's Committee for External Relations and according to law was supposed to own a share in every St Petersburg casino.[8] The telephone number for "Neva-Chance", JV Casino Neva, and Putin's Committee for External Relations was exactly the same, too.[8] Neva Chance changed its name several times eventually becoming in 1997 the Admiral-Club, however its taxpayer identification number and its registration location at Antonenko Street, 6, had never changed.[8] Through the Swedish Russian Joint Venture JV Petrodin, proceeds from this casino or chorny mal, which Viktor Zolotov acquired for Vladimir Putin, were used as capital to establish Bank Rossiya.[8][9][10][11] Several prestigiously located casinos around St Petersbug are called Admiral.[8]


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