Novosibirsk Globus Theatre

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Coordinates: 55°1′30.25″N 82°55′44.28″E / 55.0250694°N 82.9289667°E / 55.0250694; 82.9289667

Globus theatre building. Kamenskaya street, 1.

Globus (in Russian Новосибирский академический театр Глобус - novosibirskiy akademicheskiy teatr globus, or briefly globus) is a theatre in Novosibirsk city, Siberia, Russia.

It was founded in 1930 in Novosibirsk city and was the first stationary theatre. Formerly it was known as Young Spectator's theatre (Театр юного зрителя, teatr yunogo zritelya - abbreviated ТЮЗ), and was focused on youth and children.

The current building of the theatre was built in 1984.