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Novruz Mammadov (born 15 March 1947) is an Azerbaijani professor of French.

He was born in Nakhchivan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and received a PhD in Philology in 1991 from the Azerbaijani Pedagogical Foreign Languages Institute (APFLI), where he then became an instructor.

Interpreter and senior interpreter in Algeria (1967–1968), in Guinea (1971–1973), and in 1978-1981 (Algeria).

1992-1993 – dean of preparatory faculty, APFLI,

1993-1997 – dean of French language, APFLI.

1995-1997 – Interpreter to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (late Heydar Aliyev)

Since 1997 – Head of Foreign Relations Department of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Since 2003 – the Chair of French Language Lexicology and Methodology Department at the Azerbaijani Foreign Languages University.

Honorary titles[edit]

First rank State Councilor.

1998 – He is awarded the French Legion d’Honneur Order by Jacques Chirac, former President of the French Republic.

2002 – the rank of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2007 – Shohrat Order by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2009 – The Polish Legion of Honor[clarification needed] by the Order of late Lech Kaczyński, the President of Poland.


Novruz Mammadov authored over 20 scientific articles and several books, including more than 300 articles dedicated to the political and public-political issues

He translated “A Myth of Terror” of Erich Feigl” 1991 into French in 2001. Pierre Gamarra "L'Assassin a le prix Goncourt". Paris: 1963. Philippe Braillard, Mohammad Reza Djalili "Les relations internationales". 1997.

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