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Novus International, Inc.
Founded St. Louis, Missouri (1991)
Headquarters St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Novus International, Inc., headquartered in metro St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., is an animal health and nutrition company.[1] It serves customers ranging from animal nutritionists to veterinarians, to individual animal owners.[2] Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.), and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. and operates in over 90 countries.[1] Novus's products include amino acids, organic trace minerals, feed preservatives, and various nutrition and health products.[2]


Early 1950sMonsanto begins metabolism studies and the development of methionine hydroxy analogue (MHA® feed supplement) production begins at Monsanto's Everett, Massachusetts location.[3]
1954 – MHA® project moves to Monsanto's St. Louis research center and gets additional support.[3]
1959 – SANTOQUIN® is the first feed additive approved by the FDA.[3]
1979 – ALIMET® introduced.[2] First sale of ALIMET® feed supplement to ConAgra Foods in El Dorado, Arkansas.[3]
1991Mitsui & Co. and Nippon Soda acquire Monsanto's MHA® and ALIMET® businesses and form Novus International, Inc.[2][4][5]
1992 – Novus enters into contractual joint venture with Monsanto for SANTOQUIN® feed preservative.[3]

1993 – Novus Research Center completed and occupied at Missouri Research Park in St. Charles, Missouri.[3] Novus begins managing customer inventories and automated order for bulk ALIMET® and SANTOQUIN® customers.[6]
1996 – Novus launches ALIMET® for dairy.[3]
2003 – Novus completes purchase of SANTOQUIN® and AGRADO® from Solutia. Novus launches aquaculture business.[7]
2007 – Novus hosts the first Sustainability Round-table discussion in St. Louis, Missouri.[3] Arenus, a division of Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC (a Novus International Company) is formed. Arenus is dedicated to producing equine nutrition products as well as nutrition products for the canine market. Novus signs an exclusive worldwide agreement with Martek Biosciences Corporation to market and distribute Martek's DHA Gold in all poultry and swine feed and enrichment applications.[3]
2008 – Novus completes global headquarters in Missouri Research Park, St. Charles, Missouri.[3]

2009 – Stratum Nutrition becomes a division of Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC, a subsidiary of Novus International, Inc., leveraging the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation.[8] Novus’s Global Headquarters awarded LEED Platinum™ Certification.[9] Novus augments Novus Graduate Scholars program, initiated in China, enters 5-year agreement with the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Program as the first, private-sector partner.[3] Novus acquires the Animal Nutrition Division of ALBION® Laboratories, Inc.[10] (including MAAC® line of chelated trace minerals) and Investigaciones Químicas y Farmacéuticas, S.A & Enamex (extending portfolio with feed and food carotenoid pigments, essential oils, anti-caking agents and mold inhibitors).

2010 – Novus inaugurates a new research facility in Montgomery City, Missouri, USA: Green Acres Farm.[11] Novus joins the Sustainable Sites Initiative to promote sustainable land development and management practices.[3]
2011 – Novus celebrates 20th Anniversary and opening of MINTREX® production facility in Little Rock, Arkansas.[12] A new feed ingredient definition for MINTREX® chelated trace minerals is accepted by AAFCO.[13] Novus and Verenium announce strategic partnership to expand enzyme solutions to the animal nutrition market.[14] Novus's AIMS® program, which reduces the carbon footprint in the animal feed value-chain, wins the first-ever Information Technology Innovation Award from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).[3] Novus International launches C.O.W.S.® program to help producers enhance dairy herd well-being.[3]

2012 – SITES™ certifies Novus International headquarters, one of the first pilot projects to be certified and the first with a 3-star rating.[3]

2013 – Novus CEO Thad Simons is elected to lead Board of International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA).[15] Novus and Verenium introduce CIBENZA® PHYTAVERSE® phytase enzyme.[16] Novus launches new customized version of its global corporate website.[17]

2014 – Novus is honored as the 2014 Corporate Science Leadership Award Recipient.[18] Novus celebrates 30 years of ALIMET® production.[19] Novus board names François Fraudeau as President and CEO.[20] MINTREX® chelated trace mineral celebrate 10 years in the global trace minerals market.[21] Novus announces intent to expand ALIMET® capacity.[22] Novus recognized as one of the top ten feed additive brands in China at the Saier Media User's Chose Awards.[23] Novus launches CIBENZA® PHYTAVERSE® in South Asia.[24] Novus launches CIBENZA® DP100 in China.[25]

2015 – Novus secures Methylmercaptopropanal (MMP) plant from Union Carbide Corporation, a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.[26] Novus joins The Sustainability Consortium®.[27] Novus receives 2015 Internationalization Award.[28] Novus launches SERTIFY™ in-vitro testing kit for CIBENZA® DP100.[29] Novus receives Curuca Sustainability Award.[30]

2016 – Novus celebrates 25th Anniversary.[31] Novus launces Project Horizon at World Pork Expo.[30] First Novus enzyme product, CIBENZA® EP150, is registered in the European Union.[32]


This is a comprehensive list of products offered by Novus International, Inc.[33] The company operates in several industries which include: poultry, pork, dairy, beef, aquaculture, and companion animal.[34] Many of the products listed below may be found in more than one industry.

ACIDOMATRIX™ feed additive
ACIDOMIX® preservative pre-mix
ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid
AGRADO® feed ingredient
AIMS® automated supply chain management system
ALIMET® feed supplement
CANTHACOL® feed additive
CIBENZA® feed additive
C.O.W.S® programs
FORMYCINE® preservative pre-mix
MAAC® chelated trace mineral
MFP® feed supplement
MHA® feed supplement
MINTREX® organic trace mineral
NEXT ENHANCE® feed additive
PROVENIA™ feed supplement
SANTOQUIN® feed preservative
SOLIS® anti-caking agent
SURF.ACE™ feed mill processing aid
TOXIBAN® feed additive
XAMACOL® feed additive
XAROCOL® feed additive
ZORIEN® feed additive

Scholarship programs[edit]

Novus operates globally and awards several scholarships to support the research and work of graduate students in the agricultural industry.[35] There are currently programs operating throughout the United States, as well as in China, India, and Thailand.

Key people[edit]

François Fraudeau – President and CEO since March 2014 [36]


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