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Knyaz Lev Golitsyn Monument, Novyi Svit

Novyi Svit (“New World”, Ukrainian: Новий Світ, Russian: Новый Свет) is a sparkling wine from Novyi Svit area in Crimea, Ukraine.


Novyi Svit was established by Prince Lev S. Galitzine in 1878, who is often referenced in Russian as Prince Golitsyn. He acquired the area known as Novyi Svit on the southern coast of Crimea; it is on the same latitude as Southern France and so the climate was suitable for growing high quality grapes. After building 3 km of cellars and planting Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Meunier and Pinot noir vines, he spent ten years refining his creation with the traditional method of bottle fermenting for three years at a constant temperature of 15C.

In 1896, his sparkling wines were served at the coronation of the last Tsar, Nicholas II.[1] That same year, Prince Golitsyn used the right to display the family coat of arms on his wines. His creation became known world wide when it won a Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.[1]

Today, historically unrelated modern, post-Soviet entities have laid claim to the brand. In December 2017 the Russian government announced plans to privatize the winery.[2]


Novyi Svit sparkling wines are made by the traditional champagne method, hand riddled by one person and bottle fermented for three years. Each coupage is produced solely from each particular year’s harvest.


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