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Type of site
News website
Commercial Yes
Launched June 2000 internet content services was launched by Pacific Century Cyberworks in June 2000 for trial purposes.[1]

The website is a Hong Kong broadband service, offering a spectrum of locally relevant content, including news, movies, music, online games, and more. Members can enjoy a large variety of media when accessing the service.

In general, PCCW aims at providing experience of broadband home entertainment, with for personal computer users and now Broadband TV for television viewers, in which the latter tailor-makes content for young people.

MOOV ( is a music subscription service in Hong Kong, provided by PCCW (電訊盈科) through its subsidiary, PCCW Media Limited. It is the music arm of and is provided through the Broadband network (Netvigator) of PCCW.


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