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Now TV
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Original author(s) Sky plc
Developer(s) Sky plc
Initial release 17 July 2012; 4 years ago (2012-07-17)
Development status Active
Operating system

Windows (Windows 8.1 or later)
OS X (10.6 or later)
Android (4.0 or later)
iOS (6.0 or later)

Apple TV
EE TV box
LG Smart TV
Now TV Box
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Roku Streaming Stick
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Available in English

Now TV (stylised as NOW TV) is an internet television service owned by Sky plc. It was first announced in February 2012, and launched in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2012.[1] The service is available to watch via computer, various mobile devices, some game consoles and set-top boxes, with a Now TV branded box launched in July 2013. It is not viewable via Sky's digital satellite television service, or through the Sky Go Internet service.


Now TV commenced service in July 2012 by offering only films at first, adding sports in March 2013,[2] and entertainment channels in October 2013.[3][4] Film and entertainment channels are accessed by paying a monthly fee, and sports on an ad-hoc basis ("pay as you go"). Now TV is designed for people who have no existing pay TV service.[5]

Now TV is available on a number of different platforms providing access via both big-screen and small screen mobile devices:[6]

It is not currently available on the Amazon Fire TV set-top box. The service offers streams up to 720p resolution depending on the playback device and uses adaptive bitrate streaming to minimise disruption.[citation needed]

In January 2014, it was announced that ITV Hub would be made available on NOW TV box.[7]

Now TV Box[edit]

Main article: Roku

In July 2013 Sky launched a Now TV-branded Roku streaming box allowing users to stream Now TV content to their TV via an analogue base band connection or an HDMI, currently enabling it to display content from BBC iPlayer, All 4, My5, Spotify, ITV Hub and Sky News.[8] It has limited access to the Roku Channel Store and only a pre-approved list of Channels can be downloaded. A number of third-party channels can be side-loaded to the device using its Developer Mode.

On 6 August 2015 Sky launched the NOW TV Box 2 (based around a 2015 Roku 2) in black. It offers the same content as the original NOW TV (white) box, but has a faster processor, an ethernet port (as well as wi-fi), a USB port and an SD card slot (not functional by default), and is capable of outputting at full HD (1080p) resolution.[9] Unlike the original NOW TV Box, the NOW TV Box 2 does not have an analogue audio/video output socket.

There are currently two NOW TV Boxes available - The standard NOW TV Box and the NOW TV Smart Box. The NOW TV Box provides access the live channels and on-demand content, courtesy of the available Entertainment, Cinema, Sports and Kids Passes. The NOW TV Smart Box provides the same access, as well as the ability to access Freeview channels courtesy of an internal DTT tuner.[10]

Available content[edit]

As of July 2016, NOW TV offers both live streaming and on-demand content from the following channels. Some programmes may not be available for live streaming due to rights restrictions.[11]

Sky Cinema month pass[edit]

  • Sky Cinema Premiere
  • Sky Cinema Hits
  • Sky Cinema Disney
  • Sky Cinema Action & Adventure
  • Sky Cinema Comedy
  • Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller
  • Sky Cinema Drama & Romance
  • Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror
  • Sky Cinema Select

Sky Sports day/week/month pass[edit]

Sports channels offer live streaming only.

Entertainment month pass[edit]

Kids month pass[edit]


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