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Now TV
Now TV.png
Original author(s) Sky plc
Developer(s) Sky plc
Initial release 17 July 2012; 4 years ago (2012-07-17)
Development status Active
Available in English

Now TV (stylised as NOW TV) is an internet television service owned by Sky plc. It was first announced in February 2012, and launched in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2012 offering only films at first, adding sports in March 2013,[1] and then entertainment channels in October 2013.[2] Now TV is a stand alone service and is not viewable via Sky's digital satellite television service, or through the Sky Go Internet service. Now TV is designed for people who have no existing pay TV service.[3]


Now TV is available on a number of different platforms providing access via both big-screen and small screen mobile devices:[4]


Please note: You’ll need a Microsoft compatible email address to access the Windows Store (@live, @outlook, @hotmail).

If you're a Mac user and you already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you can use it to watch NOW TV.

If you don't already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you can no longer download it for Mac, instead you can access Now TV with the NOW TV Player.


Please note: You won't be able to watch on rooted Android devices or devices running CyanogenMod.

Please note: You can't watch NOW TV on a modified device, or one bought outside the UK.

  • Via an app on tablets running Microsoft Windows 8 or later (Windows smartphones are not supported).

Please note: You’ll need a Microsoft compatible email address to access the Windows Store (@live, @outlook, @hotmail).

Games consoles[7]

Set-top boxes[8]

  • NOW TV Boxes

Please note: You need a NOW TV account to set up the NOW TV Box, and a Wi-Fi connection. You won't be able to use your NOW TV Box outside the UK.

Smart TVs and devices[9]

  • Select LG Smart TVs, Blu-ray Players and Sound bars.
  • Select Samsung Smart TVs.
  • Roku Streaming Stick

The service offers streams up to 720p resolution depending on the playback device and uses adaptive bitrate streaming to minimise disruption.[10]

Now TV Boxes[edit]

Main article: Roku

In July 2013 Sky launched a Now TV-branded Roku streaming box allowing users to stream Now TV content to their TV via an analogue base band connection or an HDMI, currently enabling it to display content from BBC iPlayer, All 4, My5, Spotify, ITV Hub and Sky News.[11] It has limited access to the Roku Channel Store and only a pre-approved list of Channels can be downloaded. A number of third-party channels can be side-loaded to the device using its Developer Mode.

On 6 August 2015 Sky launched a NOW TV Box (based around a 2015 Roku 2) in black. It offers the same content as the original NOW TV (2013 white) box, but has a faster processor, an ethernet port (as well as wi-fi), a USB port and an SD card slot (not functional by default), and is capable of outputting at full HD (1080p) resolution.[12] Unlike the original NOW TV Box, the NOW TV Box 2015 model does not have an analogue audio/video output socket.

There are currently two NOW TV Boxes officially available - The standard NOW TV Box and the NOW TV Smart Box. The NOW TV Box provides access the live channels and on-demand content, courtesy of the available Entertainment, Cinema, Sports and Kids Passes. The NOW TV Smart Box provides the same access, as well as the ability to access Freeview channels courtesy of an internal DTT tuner.[13]

Now TV Box (2013) Now TV Box (2015) Now TV Smart Box
July 2013
August 2015
July 2016
Officially discontinued but still supported
Officially available and supported
Officially available and supported
Sky Store
Wireless Internet
802.11 Wi-Fi (b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
802.11 dual-band Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
802.11 dual-band Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
Wired Internet
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Micro SD Slot
Digital Television Tuner
Freeview HD (DVB-T2)
Pause & Rewind live TV
TV compatibility
Digital over HDMI
Mini-jack to left/right/composite video RCA
Digital over HDMI
Digital over HDMI
Supported resolution
Up to 720p
Up to 1080p
Up to 1080p
Audio output

Analogue Stereo (mini-jack to left/right/composite video RCA)

Digital over HDMI (5.1 surround sound pass-through and stereo)

Digital over HDMI (7.1 and 5.1 surround pass through)
Digital over HDMI (7.1 and 5.1 surround pass through)
84mm (Length) x 84mm (Width) x 23mm (Height)
89mm (Length) x 89mm (Width) x 25mm (Height)
165mm (Length) x 165mm (Width) x 20.5mm (Height)
85 grams
141 grams
432 grams
Power Input
5.2V – 1.0A power adaptor
5.99V – 2A power adaptor
12V – 2A power adaptor
Power Consumption
Less than 2W (typical) when streaming video
Less than 3.5W (typical) when streaming video
Less than 14.2W (Active)
9.5W (Active Standby)
0.6W (Passive Standby)

Available content[edit]

As of January 2017, NOW TV offers both live streaming and on-demand content from the following channels. Some programmes may not be available for live streaming due to rights restrictions.[14]

Channel Logo The following channels are available with an Entertainment Month Pass[15]
Sky1 Germany Logo 2016.png Sky 1
Sky Arts logo 2015.png Sky Arts
Sky Atlantic DE Logo 2015.png Sky Atlantic
Sky Living 2016 logo.png Sky Living
Comedy Central 2011 Logo.svg Comedy Central
Discovery Channel International.svg Discovery Channel
FOX wordmark-orange.svg Fox
Gold 2014.svg Gold
ITV Encore logo.png ITV Encore
MTV Logo 2010.svg MTV
Nat Geo Wild logo.png Nat Geo Wild
ABC Studios logo 2013.png ABC Studios (On-demand only)
ITV logo 2013.svg ITV (On-demand only)
Channel 4 logo 2015.svg Channel 4 (On-demand only)
Viceland Logo.png Viceland (On-demand only)
Sky Cinema is available when subscribed to a month pass[16]
Sky Cinema Premiere
Sky Cinema Drama & Romance
Sky Cinema Oscars
Sky Cinema Disney
Sky Cinema Family
Sky Cinema Action & Adventure
Sky Cinema Comedy
Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller
Sky Cinema Hits
Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror
Sky Cinema Select
Channel Logo Sky Sports channels are available when subscribed to a day/week/month pass[17]
Sky Sports News HQ logo 2015.svg Sky Sports News HQ
Sky Sports 1 logo 2017.png Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2 logo 2017.png Sky Sports 2
This is a logo for Sky Sports 3.png Sky Sports 3
Sky Sports 4 logo 2017.png Sky Sports 4
Sky Sports 5 logo 2017.png Sky Sports 5
Sky Sports F1 logo 2015.svg Sky Sports F1
Channel Logo The following channels are available with an Kids Month Pass[18]
Nickelodeon logo new.svg Nickelodeon
Nick Jr.logo.png Nick Jr.
Nicktoons 2014 logo.svg Nicktoons
Cartoon Network 2010 logo.svg Cartoon Network
Boomerang 2014 logo.svg Boomerang
Cartoonito.png Cartoonito
CBBC 2016 logo.svg CBBC (On-demand only)
CBeebies.svg CBeebies (on-demand only)
Milkshakelogo.png Milkshake! (on-demand only)


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